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Voyagers Paul Thompson offers his take on the storm over a coffee cup.



A great post by Hannah Leigh

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“Surely the ‘No win, No fee’ Recruitment business model is hard enough without trivial things like a forgotten coffee scuppering your next payslip and handbag aspirations?

In my role at Voyager I’ve always found that the best candidate talent is well paid, protected with employee benefit, enjoys a great working environment, and as a result is likely to be surrounded by motivated, friendly like-minded individuals. Great people are very hard to find.

If as a recruiter you spend much of your day ‘approaching’ people for a job, which also means calling from online CV databases, then they’re likely to have pretty high expectations of their future employer, and the agency they’re dealing with.

Over the years I’ve been personally approached for speculative opportunities and whilst some were just chats over a coffee others were formal meetings, presentations and tests. In other words, getting a job isn’t just about the interview and certainly not about the coffee, it’s about the entire journey, including the physical one.

As an ex-recruiter I can totally appreciate how frustrating it would be to have a candidate walk out of an interview over a coffee, that sounds pretty extreme, but the decision was made well before that missing coffee became an issue.

A recruiter needs many skills, but possibly the most important is the ability to build rapport and fully understand your candidate and client aspirations.
Without that deeper insight you could be doing little more than ushering two strangers into a room and shutting the door.

Truth be told, the best talent is hard to find and you need more than luck on your side to be a success in recruitment today.

In my opinion recruitment is all about the relationships and the most successful recruiters work hard to get to know their people, sector, news and personalities within it, and they have tools to help manage that without pain and hassles.

Recruitment was never easy was it??

But it doesn’t have to be that hard either.

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