There's nothing like shaking hands and pressing the flesh



As a supplier of Recruitment software we have literally thousands of publications, listings and events that we could spend our meagre Sales and Marketing budget on, but in the UK at least, there are only a couple of large events each year.

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Blackbelt Recruiting and Web Searching


Voyager's Steve Smith provides his thoughts on the importance of searching, screening and parsing

The Recruitment Industry continues to face increasing challenges and few would argue that the lack of candidates is right up there as one of the most pressing.

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What does Brexit mean for the UK Recruitment Tech Industry?


By Jason Starr, CEO
Having read my 47th article of the week on the impact of Brexit on the recruitment industry, I thought it might be interesting to jot down my thoughts on how this summer’s vote will impact suppliers to the sector. From a big picture perspective, Brexit is clearly going to be an absolute disaster / huge opportunity (delete as applicable!), but my focus here is more parochial – looking purely at the impact on the recruitment technology sector that Dillistone Group and its businesses – Dillistone Systems, Voyager Software, FCP Internet and ISV Software all play in.

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Multi Job-poster teams up with Voyager


5 resume untruths you should watch out for

One third of candidates aren’t completely honest on their CVs – a trait 51% of employers say would be enough for them to can the candidate’s job application altogether.  And, the situation’s getting trickier for recruiters. 33% of employers say they’ve seen an increase in embellishments since the recession ended in 2009

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Is your Finance Team costing you too much?


Someone once told me "a good Finance Manager will save more than they cost", and I'd have to agree. If only the Finance Manager was spending their time managing finance.

For many Recruitment businesses the pressures of running their own ‘Back-Office’ hits hardest when they’re least able to cope, typically during a period of growth, a compliance scare or an unwanted audit.

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Creative CV templates and the One Page CV


Why you need a one page CV (yes it can fit)

“Update your CV when you get a minute”, says another Recruiter

Can we agree on a few things first?

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Is your software partner this forward thinking?


How successful software businesses need to evolve to stay successful. By Simon Warburton, Managing Director of Voyager Software.

As even the most non-technical of people understand, the world of IT evolves at a fantastic, eye-watering pace. Hardware evolutions have been regular occurrences over the past 3 decades but never before has software evolved as fast as it is now. 

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Can Recruiters Keep it up?


"Can Recruiters Keep It Up?"

Say “Software development” to most Recruiters and they remain expressionless, and normally that’s fine. But if you’re running Voyager I think you might want to read on, you chose well.

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7 questions for all Voyager users


Just like Mary Poppins we think our customers are practically perfect in every way, but they do benefit from a point in the right direction occasionally.

Voyager offers a range of complementary services and webinars, just for you - our customers. Make sure you're getting the most from your software partnership.

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Collaborative Recruiting V’s The Lone Wolf Recruiter


OK, so I’m not here to define what success looks like in Recruitment, but one things for sure, Recruitment is changing and ‘success’ looks different to what it once did.

As the industry professionalises and standards rise, Recruiters are increasingly reviewing their approach to how they go about the Recruiting process, and this got me thinking;

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