Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO - The Biggest Joke

Why bother with Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Because it could be your best advert.

“My margins are being squeezed so much it’s not worth it”.  Yes, that may be true, but before we take on this hot potato, let’s look from the client’s point of view...

Let’s imagine you’re the HR Director for a 500 employee business.  Your staff turnover is running at 15% pa, your business is expanding at 20% pa and you’re dealing with 25 agencies on the preferred suppliers list.  The maths is scary.

  1. 175 placements to fill a year (200 with the ‘no-shows)
  2. 2000 interviews?
  3. 10,000 CV’s?
  4. 30,000 calls and emails?

Now lets imagine you’ve just been told to slash the agency spend by 50%.  What are your options? 

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Should you get training on your recruitment software?

It shouldn’t be a big job.

Ok, let me clarify.  If you live in a world where you managed to programme the Sky remote to adjust the sound on your TV, and you single-handedly managed to move your itunes from one ipod to another – you probably don’t need as much training as me!

Recruiters are most commonly described as ‘sales types’, and these types tend to be people who benefit from guided help in bite sized pieces, or a training session with a specific agenda (huge generalisation I know)!.

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Why do I need Recruitment Software?

Yesterday I was told, “Software makes Recruitment more complicated, not easier” and you know what, for some recruiters out there, you might be right.

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To host or not to host – that is the question!

As an ex-recruiter I’ve seen the market move from boxes of cards to DOS based solutions and right now in my experience users tend to favour functionally rich, fast Windows-based applications. But all the benefits of hosted solutions are hard to ignore.

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Set up as a recruiter

I’m a fantastic Recruiter but how do I set up as a recruiter on my own with little cash!

Even the best recruiters are likely to find themselves short of cash – Getting the Bentley serviced is rarely cheap!

If you’re a fantastic recruiter, or even an average one, there are few things you need to consider in the early months.

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The Renegade Recruiter meets Paul Thompson


Voyagers Paul Thompson interviewed by The Renegade Recruiter (aka Terry Edwards)

With over 20 years in the Recruitment and Recruitment Software sector Paul Thompson has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  During this Podcast Terry digs into Pauls past, the challenges he faced at Voyager establishing the brand and his vision on the future of Recruitment.

“You’re guaranteed to remember at least one thing from this Podcast – FOREVER!”  - Terry Edwards

Listen to the Podcast, Join the Super Sourcing Webinar and read Terry's Blog

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