Probably the worst job-spec in the world.

I feel I must share a recent experience with the wider Recruiter market.  It made me wonder how often other hiring managers experience the same fun.

The phone rings and its possibly the greenest Recruiter I’ve spoken to calling to enquire what vacancies we have, adding that she is a specialist in our sector (I saved her the embarrassment of asking what sector we are in – she would not have known and could feel her talking to the desk as she read from the script, and I could hear the breathing and whispering of her ‘Manager’ in the background).

That said, she sounds nice and everyone deserves a break.  Besides I’d just started a coffee and a biscuit so her timing couldn’t have been better - and we are recruiting.

I explain the role isn’t actually live but offer a 30 second definition of what we’re looking for.

I thank the lady for her time explaining that we’ll need to clearly define the role before she can start reviewing the market and that I’ll look forward to receiving her terms.

The very next morning I get an email from an applicant enquiring if we are the ‘Market leading Recruitment Software businesses in the south; which is looking for an Account Manager to join the growing team’.

I email back to explain we are, and ask how she heard of the role and within 3 minutes I’m returned a link to a job-board which details my 30 second brief, almost word for word, dictated from the conversation that day earlier.

Now granted this is an extreme rare example and is exactly the sort of practice good a Recruiter cringes at, but consider that not only was this bad practice, it also meant the Recruiter lost the fee.

Is your newest, greenest Recruiter placing candidates for free?



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