Why bother with Recruitment Process Outsourcing? (Vol II)

I’m a niche recruiter; I just call the client direct.

While your client is taking their first steps towards going down the MSP route, you may well find the back-door remains open for a while.  There is likely to be plenty of resistance from the hiring managers who all have their favourite recruiters on tap, but the benefits of RPO/MSP is one of streamlined efficiencies and a reduction in cost to the business, it’s not designed to make your life easier – but it might well do exactly that. 

Ultimately your ‘special relationship’ with your life long client, doesn’t hold the strength it once did – and certainly not in these times of austerity measures. 

Try hard to work with the company and the Manageed Service Provider.  You can’t pretend to fill all their jobs, and this is all they’re trying to do.  The client’s reason for going down this route is the same as yours - to fill as many of the roles as efficiently as possible.   With most Recruiters having a niche, by definition you can’t hope to fill them all, and those that try fail.

Having sold to the Recruitment industry for many years, I’ve seen many trends come and go. RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) has had a mixed response from many, but it’s certainly here to stay – at least on one form or another.

Work hard on the things that are under your control – pride yourself on continuing to be that niche recruiter.  Find great candidates, do the best job you can and if all the other agencies can’t be bothered with all the paperwork, form filling and lack of communication you may just find your candidate in a one horse race!



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