Staying ahead in a competitive market such as Recruitment requires you to work harder and smarter than your peers. This doesn’t have to mean putting in more hours or increasing your headcount and a big impact can be made by introducing a few simple techniques.

Let’s take a quick look at sourcing talent on-line. Assuming you know your market, targeting can be pretty simple but moderately effective; however with a bit of extra time invested at the front end, preparing a hotlist can be a very rewarding task indeed.

Simply matching skills, job titles and experience to the requirements of your clients/vacancies will undoubtedly yield a high volume of results, but how many of these actually have a desire or need to change? If they’re really happy with their current employer are they worth focusing on? Spending time contacting dead ends or uninterested candidates is deconstructive to your day and business, so ensuring the right sort of data is picked from the start will mean your success rate will go up as the more refined your data becomes. I’m not saying discount those where you don’t know the answer, but focusing your efforts on the potentials out there that will genuinely appreciate your contact because they’ve got ‘itchy feet’ will give you a much greater ROI.

So how do we identify them? Technology has broken down many barriers providing recruiters an ‘access all areas pass’ to a lot more information on-line than before. Whether tasteless of macabre sharing personal information online is becoming increasingly popular so searching social media profiles or carrying out advanced Google searching can really help access the info needed to create your hotlist, but don’t stop there, by effectively recording and utilising this you will have a good chance of uncovering previously unidentified opportunities.

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