Meat & Two Veg vs Your 5-a-Day

Recruitment has simply got to be one of the most tech hungry business sectors in the world and feeding that beast makes Voyager one of the most exciting companies to work for.

In the past a healthy Recruiter diet might have been described as ‘meat and two veg’ (Database, phone and desk) and yet some people panic if they’ve not had their 5 a day and try downing 3 litres of the finest Himalayan mountain dew between calls.  

Databases, Portals, emails, 2 phones, compliance, legislation, 10 job-boards, white boards, excel sheets, performance meetings, qtly reviews - WOW - That’s one unhealthy Recruiter diet!

Technology has often been presented as the answer to the above but it’s not always the case.  For technology to be truly useful it needs to be intuitive and collaborative but also offer a benefit to the wider user base.  The ‘Recruiter-tec diet’ may be the only healthy diet which benefits from being processed, re-packaged and presented with all the flare of a  Michelin Star chef..

At Voyager we’ve worked hard to review the way in which the industry has changed - has your Recruiter tec supplier?

If you think your Recruiter-tec diet doesn’t suit you or you have a tech allergy contact us for your check-up.



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