As an ex-recruiter I’ve seen the market move from boxes of cards to DOS based solutions and right now in my experience users tend to favour functionally rich, fast Windows-based applications. But all the benefits of hosted solutions are hard to ignore.

But the big question I’m increasingly asked is ‘To host or not to host?’

I think the simple answer is ‘it depends’.

During the 90s recruiters were on the high street in branches, the naughties bore witness to them cutting rental costs and moving to serviced offices, and right now in the teenies they’re ‘going mobile’.

The majority of the recruitment companies that employ around just 5 staff run their recruitment application on their own server/PCs, supported by a super local, super friendly hardware company doing the back-ups, disaster recovery and MS upgrades (hopefully). Give this some consideration - with the cost of hardware falling faster than the snow and that trusted hardware company needing to make a profit, are they likely to push you towards a totally hosted solution? After all they want your ongoing custom.

But if you have a small team, who are largely office based, it’s still likely to be more cost effective to buy a server replacing it in 4 or 5 years - ensuring you review your requirements annually and don’t forget to make a financial

provision for that new shiny box!

So why should I move to a completely hosted solution?

The four main benefits are;

  1. A simple manageable, predictable monthly payment to cover all software and ‘server’ hardware costs
  2. Connect your business together with geographically diverse stuff and enable true remote working
  3. Increased flexibility to add or reduce users
  4. Future proofing – you don’t have to worry about upgrading your server to the latest hardware/operating system and hopefully your provider is constantly delivering updates with virtually no disruption to your business.
  5. In short, it’s all about flexibility - like me right now, working from Starbucks!

(by Paul Thompson)


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