Yesterday I was told, “Software makes Recruitment more complicated, not easier” and you know what, for some recruiters out there, you might be right.

Few industries are as fast-paced as Recruitment.  Be sure to move with the times and review your requirements regularly.

Are you still the same 20 staff operation you were 3 years ago?  Maybe you’re the high street recruiter that found themselves on the end of an RPO cost cutting measure and had to diversify to become a specialist recruiter?

Whilst I’d love to say that with thousands of users in 60+ countries they can’t all be wrong, the reality is that for some users they may well be using Recruitment Software tailored for the business they were, not what they are today

Do bother with Recruitment Software if:

  1. You’re not a one man band and you want your 2nd recruit to be a biller like you, not an administrator
  2. You are in a highly legislatively sector (anyone one know a sector that isn’t?)
  3. You plan on an exit. (Or like the occasional  holidays)
  4. You want to secure your main asset (the knowledge)

Don’t bother with Recruitment Software if:

  1. Your brother is your best client and you only need one permie a month to keep the Ferrari fuelled.
  2. You’ll be working for someone else next week
  3. You think Recruitment is easy and anyone can do it – Although let me know if you’re proven right!

If your Recruitment Software poorly addresses your requirement get recommendations for alternatives, but do speak to management about it- if you are seen as an asset to the business  then you’re voice should be heard.
That said, also consider that it may be time to take your skills and contacts and go it alone – with or without software.


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