Upcoming FREE Training Clinics

Clinics run twice a month on different aspects of using Infinity, below is a list of upcoming clinic topics with links to sign up.  Once you are signed up you will receive joining instructions and will receive the password prior to it starting

Privacy Audit Clinic - Friday 17th August 10.30 to 11.00

An overview of the Privacy Audit feature to help manage and process GDPR requirements, including consent, suppression, contractrual & legal and Automatic Restriction

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Word Skillz Clinic - Friday 31st August 10.30 to 11.00

A look at efficient use of Word, understanding what all those buttons you never use, actually do

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Infinity Temps Clinic (User) - Friday 14th September 10.30 to 11.00

A run through of the Temps process within Infinity, for fast paced compliance, availability checking and placements

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Infinity Temps Clinic (Admin) - Friday 21st September 10.30 to 11.00

A look through the Administration for Temps, to enable automated emails, compliance checking and rates setup

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Lists and Shortlists - Friday 12th October 10.30 to 11.00

How to use existing lists and merge together, copy into a shortlist and use colleagues searches

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Power BI Clinic - Friday 19th October 10.30 to 11.00

An overview of the Power BI template available and a basic overview of the structure of Power BI (including the sharing of dashboards)

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Christmas Card Clinic - Friday 16th November 10.30 to 11.00

A run through the process of setting up a Christmas E-Card, completing a search and bulk mailshot.

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Housekeeping Clinic - Friday 23rd November 10.30 to 11.00

How to cleanse your database and ensure you keep on top of Infinity to ensure you get the best results.

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Open Q&A Clinic - Friday 14th December 10.30 to 11.00

An open forum to ask questions on anything Infinity related

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Latest Enhancements Clinic - Friday 21st December 10.30 to 11.00

Has Infinity been upgraded recently or want to see what new enhancements have been added to the system.  The story of the last 6 months of releases 2.43 to current release

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Tutorial and demonstration videos of Infinity, including 3rd party integrations


  • Infinity Search Part 1Infinity Search Part 1

    Infinity Search Part 1

    Search Basics

    Click to Launch

  • Infinity Search Part 2Infinity Search Part 2

    Infinity Search Part 2

    Search Results

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  • Infinity Search Part 3Infinity Search Part 3

    Infinity Search Part 3

    Job Search and Results

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  • Infinity Search Part 4Infinity Search Part 4

    Infinity Search Part 4

    Advanced Searching

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  • CV SubmittingCV Submitting

    CV Submitting

    The basics of submitting CV's within Infinity

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  • Editing a CVEditing a CV

    Editing a CV

    The basics of editing CV's within Infinity

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  • iCaptureiCapture


    Basics of utilising iCapture to parse CV's

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  • Broadbean IntegrationBroadbean Integration

    Broadbean Integration

    A video demonstrating the Broadbean integration

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  • Synety IntegrationSynety Integration

    Synety Integration

    A video demonstrating Synety's Cloudcall integration, calling out and accessing the call recordings

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  • LogicMelon SetupLogicMelon Setup

    LogicMelon Setup

    How to set up your LogicMelon account within Infinity to enable posting and processing applications

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  • LogicMelon Posting JobsLogicMelon Posting Jobs

    LogicMelon Posting Jobs

    A demonstration of how to post jobs to LogicMelon

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  • LogicMelon ApplicationsLogicMelon Applications

    LogicMelon Applications

    A demonstration of accessing and processing applications within Infinity

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  • ISV IntegrationISV Integration

    ISV Integration

    A video demonstrating ISV's FastPath tests, sending tests to candidates and viewing their results

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  • MailChimp Integration

    MailChimp Integration

    A video demonstrating Infinity's MailChimp integration, including setting it up and an overview of MailChimp

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  • Setting up Time Sheet Portal Intergration

    Setting up Time Sheet Portal Intergration

    A demonstration of setting up intergration with Time Sheet Portal

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  • Legalesign Integration

    Legalesign Integration

    An overview of Infinity's integration with Legalesign

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Clinic Recordings

Video recordings of our FREE clinics which run twice a month utilising GoToMeeting software

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  • Business DevelopmentBusiness Development

    Business Development

    Utilising Infinity features for Business Development, using searches, mailshot export and event logging

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  • Business RulesBusiness Rules

    Business Rules

    Using Business Rules and template follow ups to automate tasks and reminders, avoiding post it notes or paper diaries

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  • SearchingSearching


    Searching, Candidate and Contact Search - utilising search criteria to create lists for bulk emailing/shortlisting

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  • CV BuildersCV Builders

    CV Builders

    CV Builders – How to create a builder to incorporate a coversheet, formatting and header & footers for your CV’s

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  • Skills DictionariesSkills Dictionaries

    Skills Dictionaries

    Skills dictionaries - adding job titles, attributes, quals, synonyms and score types to the system and using the re-indexing to check existing records on your database

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  • Compliance ClinicCompliance Clinic

    Compliance Clinic

    how to setup and utilise Infinity to manage compliance for Perm, Contract and FIxed Term jobs

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  • Duplicate CandidatesDuplicate Candidates

    Duplicate Candidates

    how to utilise the duplicate candidate tool to merge candidate records together

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  • User Options ClinicUser Options Clinic

    User Options Clinic

    A Review of the User Options, to allow you set defaults and other settings to enhance your experience.

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  • Latest Enhancements 2Latest Enhancements 2

    Latest Enhancements 2

    Run through of all the great enahancements to Infinity from version 1.21 to 2.21

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  • Power BI ClinicPower BI Clinic

    Power BI Clinic

    Power BI  – Overview of Power BI integration, including setup and some basics of Microsoft's powerful reporting software

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  • iResearch CliniciResearch Clinic

    iResearch Clinic

    How to search LinkedIn and then export the profile to iCapture to create a candidate record

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  • iCapture CliniciCapture Clinic

    iCapture Clinic

    How to process CV's through iCapture

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  • Top Tips ClinicTop Tips Clinic

    Top Tips Clinic

    Top Tips Clinic - A look through some of our frequently asked training questions and the quick wins to get the most out of using Infinity

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  • Templates ClinicTemplates Clinic

    Templates Clinic

    how to create, edit and manage your email templates within Infinity

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  • Quick Email ClinicQuick Email Clinic

    Quick Email Clinic

    How to use one of the HTML templates, make adjustments and setup for quick emails from Infinity

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  • The Company RecordThe Company Record

    The Company Record

    A look at the Company record, how to skill the Company and Contacts, how to complete financials and setup Company records

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  • Housekeeping ClinicHousekeeping Clinic

    Housekeeping Clinic

    Housekeeping - How to identify bad data within the database

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  • Reporting ClinicReporting Clinic

    Reporting Clinic

    A look through the reporting suite within Infinity

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  • Privacy Audit Clinic - Part 1Privacy Audit Clinic - Part 1

    Privacy Audit Clinic - Part 1

    A run through of the Privacy Audit feature, including the consent and legitimate interest processes

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  • Privacy Audit Clinic - Part 2Privacy Audit Clinic - Part 2

    Privacy Audit Clinic - Part 2

    A run through of the Privacy Audit features, including the legal basis and suppression list.

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  • Latest Enhancements 3Latest Enhancements 3

    Latest Enhancements 3

    A look at the latest great enhancements from 2.21 to 2.43

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