Southern Education Recruitment

Kelly Knopp, Director

“Oh, Voyager Infinity, I love it. Personally, I find if you have everything in one place, it makes it so much easier to work, much more user-friendly. Also, it means you can be transient, you can be mobile when you are working. With Voyager Infinity, you can do that.

When I was looking for a database software to use for my company, I did some research on different suppliers. One of the key things that Voyager Infinity did was they came back to me straight away. There were so many suppliers that just never came back to me, or communication was very poor. When you deal with a supplier that will talk to you and support you, it is essential. The ease of use of the database is wonderful.

There is more to the CRM selection than just ticking off the list of features. Knowing that you can phone technical support and instantly speak to a knowledgeable consultant who can help with the query is of great importance and comfort. Knowing that I have not only bought the software but partnered with an organization that wants me to succeed was of paramount importance.”