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You’ll be given a dedicated Project Manager who’ll hold your hand through each step of the migration.

From Project planning, timescales, to data-migration, training and go-live, we'll assist you throughout the whole process!

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Hear what our customers have to say:

Sphere Solutions

“We migrated fifty recruiters across five locations, including a full back-office team, onto the Voyager Infinity solution within 8 weeks.

There were teething issues, but nothing that the Ikiru People team couldn’t overcome.

Migrations are stressful enough, but we were fully supported by a team of knowledgeable and solution-orientated people which made all the difference.

If your recruitment business is being hamstrung by poor service, poor functionality lacking empathy, speak to Paul Thompson at Ikiru People!”

Vikki Harries, Business Improvement Director

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Equation Recruitment

“Paul Thompson at Ikiru People has given me and my team confidence that sales people can deliver on their word.

The support, service and motivational uplift we’ve had by investing in Voyager Infinity, and the team that delivers it, has been transformational in our business.

Speak to Paul and his team. From sales to project planning, data migration and training, the VIP service and support has been brilliant!

Paul – you were right: we didn’t know what good felt like!”

Jason Norman, Managing Director

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Harrison Scott Associates

“Our old system technically wasn’t broken, but we were blinkered as to what was possible. We didn’t know what good support and service meant until we went signed with Ikiru People and their Voyager Infinity CRM.

The team has been nothing short of fantastic.

Gutted to say we should have listened to Paul Thompson when he first reached out – he was right, there was a better way. Better, faster and with more smiles along the way!”

George Thompson, Managing Director

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Simple Recruitment

“We stuck with our previous solution for far too long. We thought we knew what good support and service felt like but we were totally wrong.

Simple Recruitment has migrated from one of the best know names in the market onto Voyager Infinity and we’ve got nothing but good things to say about the team at Ikiru People – from the Salesperson Paul Thompson to the Project Manager, Data-Migration team, Account Managers and individual Trainers like Matt and Debbie – wow, what a team!

Trust me, bite the bullet, make the move – you need to upgrade!”

Jayla Wilcox, Managing Director

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Grist Legal

“The Ikiru People team has excelled with Voyager Infinity. I can honestly say the migration has been superb.

The project management, training and ongoing support has been exemplary, and the data migration service has exceeded all expectations!”

Derek Pepperell, Managing Director

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“The Ikiru People team basically amalgamated two old databases. We had Act! which we used for our clients, and we had a separate CRM for candidates.

They took both databases and brought them both onto Voyager Infinity with very little effort. It was certainly worth the investment of time and effort to get everything amalgamated into a proper all-singing, all-dancing recruitment CRM solution.

Andrew Willsher, Co-Founder and Finance & Operations Director

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Morgan Law

“I couldn’t be any more complimentary about the Ikiru People team. They have been really responsive and attentive to our needs throughout the entire migration process to Voyager Infinity.

The migration and ’Go Live’ went as smoothly as we could have possibly hoped for. I would have honestly expected a few more hiccups so it exceeded my expectations!”

Gareth Elwin, Chief Executive

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What to expect during your migration project?

Leena Authwall Global Project Delivery Director

Moving to a new platform can be daunting if not properly planned, and that’s why my team is here to help.

For our migrations, we opt for a two cut data migration approach. This provides you with a trial copy of your data to review before the final cut and move to Infinity.

This offers you more peace of mind before you roll out your new system. Please note, this excludes the standard migration, which are one off imports from a defined structure.

We never outsource this work to a third-party so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your data, resulting in an unrivalled, smooth migration with increased communication and speed previously unheard of in the industry.

We’ve got bucket loads of experience and the team is made up of Ex-Recruiters, experienced Voyager Users, Technical Support staff and dedicated data specialist teams so you’re in safe hands with people who appreciate and understand your business requirements.

We’ll help you plan the entire process from start to finish and ensure larger more challenging aspects of the project (like data conversion for example) is partitioned into manageable bite-sized pieces.

We pull on the experience of the thousands of implementations we’ve worked on over the years so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

We look forward to working with you.

Leena Authwall, Global Project Delivery Director, Ikiru People

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