Revolutionise your Pay and Bill Operations with Voyager Mid-Office

Streamline and automate the importing of placements, timesheet processing and invoice generation with Voyager Mid-Office, the ultimate Cloud-based solution.

Solve IR35 Challenges

Voyager Mid-Office integrates clever IR35 workflows directly from your Voyager Infinity CRM, ensuring that every aspect of pay and bill aligns seamlessly.

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Bye-bye, Finance Headaches...
- Hello, Mid-Office!

Banish admin, duplication, messy imports and human error with Voyager Mid-Office.

Seamless integration with Voyager Infinity, Sage, Xero, HMRC and Online Timesheets.

Collect cash and pay candidates faster with Voyager Mid-Office.

Integrate with your recruitment CRM seamlessly, consolidating all your operations in one place.

Voyager Mid-Office seamlessly integrates with your Voyager Infinity CRM, freeing up valuable time, reducing human error and increasing collaboration. Stay organised and efficient with all your placement data at your fingertips.

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Effortless Timesheet Processing

Real time visibility of timesheet status, day by day.

Say goodbye to complicated, time-consuming procedures.

Say hello to a simple Timesheet Entry screen and Online Timesheets.

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Bespoke Invoice Templates to match every client's demand!

Automatically create customisable invoice templates per client.

Created Invoices by Placements, PO numbers, Sites, Cost Centres, Day, Week, Month and more.

Invoice on time, every time.

Get it right first time.

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Eliminate IR35 complexities with Mid-Office

Flag placements within IR35 manually or through imports.

Deduct tax and NI within Mid-Office for off-payroll assignments and calculate automatically the net pay due to contractors.

Ensure RTI reporting compliance with seamless payroll software integration.

Produce purchase invoices/remittances showing the breakdown of pay and tax/NI deductions.

Post purchase invoices with Mid-Office’s integration to accounts products.

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Seamless integrations

Voyager Mid-Office will also seamlessly integrate with your Accounting, Payroll and Online Timesheet solutions.

Experience the benefits of a truly connected Pay and Bill Solution.

Partnerships with Sage Accounts, Sage Payroll, Xero Accounting and Timesheet Portal.

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  • Instant Invoice Generation and SendingInstant Invoice Generation and Sending
  • Seamless Online Timesheet IntegrationSeamless Online Timesheet Integration
  • Easily manage candidate PAYE and Non-PAYE processingEasily manage candidate PAYE and Non-PAYE processing
  • Effortless HMRC Intermediary reporting and complianceEffortless HMRC Intermediary reporting and compliance
  • Automate staff commissions, rewards, and clawbacks for efficient managementAutomate staff commissions, rewards, and clawbacks for efficient management
  • Effortlessly link electronic timesheets to invoices with automationEffortlessly link electronic timesheets to invoices with automation
  • Seamlessly navigate new starters, holiday payouts, and leaversSeamlessly navigate new starters, holiday payouts, and leavers
  • Effective 'cost of sale' managementEffective 'cost of sale' management

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