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Founder and CEO James Toovey shares why he decided to invest in Voyager Infinity again, after trying a competitor product for just six weeks.



After twenty years of using Voyager, we decided to invest in a new CRM in the belief that we would carry out a big refresh and a clear out of all the stuff we had hoarded over the years, as we were running multiple applications with many areas duplicating.

We took six months to evaluate their competitors, drawing a shortlist, attending demonstrations etc; and in the process, we discovered the sheer amount of hidden add-ons that we took for granted in Voyager Infinity had been monetised by other CRM vendors.

We eventually chose a competitor product, and felt we had carried as much due diligence as we could. Although all of the vendors that we approached had given us demonstrations, none of them allowed us to trial their products or to upload data and use them, so were unaware of their shortcomings.

We immediately discovered that the CRM we chose didn’t allow you to create searches on the first letter of a word – for example all companies beginning with A, or all postcodes beginning with E, something we had taken for granted with Voyager Infinity. We were very restricted on downloading and uploading data, they restricted us on the amount of CVs we could upload, and despite using Office 365, our email addresses now had the CRM’s domain included. They hid behind email for all support queries, and we then had to wait as long as a day for something that could be solved within a quick call with Voyager Infinity.

After six weeks, we decided to re-approach Voyager, discuss a full back-to-basics training and asked our account manager to look at how we operate our business and how Infinity has evolved, as you can imagine being with them for twenty years we hardly kept up with the updates they continually made.

We are pleased to be back with Voyager Infinity and are now once again receiving the great service we’ve been used to for the last twenty years!