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Voyager VDQ!

Voyager VDQ! has been designed to make temporary staffing workflows as painless and efficient as possible. There is no need to run searches - the most applicable candidates are found and their competencies checked automatically. Using the unique colour-coded Planner, it's very simple for users to place the candidates and track them through each assignment.

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Complicated shift patterns?

  • Extend, copy or add fresh bookings in seconds.
  • Take the VDQ! speed test – add a booking as fast as your client can talk!
  • Shifts have ‘histories’, so you’re presented with people that have been there before.
  • Add Warnings against Candidates and Clients – Automatically warn Recruiters.
  • Exclude Candidates against Companies or Sites automatically.
Voyager VDQ easily manage compliance with our CRM

Manage Compliance

VDQ! bookings are filled faster, with better matches and ensuring compliance. 

Recruiters are presented with compliant and competent candidates that meet your pre-configured business rules when clicking a booking on the Planner.

Matched candidates will have valid licences, certificates, ID’s, be local, available and their preferences will be taken into account, along with warnings presented to the Recruiter.

Checks can just be warnings but if the situation requires, they can be mandatory and hence protect your business from potentially costly mistakes for which you could be liable.

Quick recruitment CRM software for temporary temps recruiters

Export the information in VDQ! at the click of a button

Exporting key information about filled and unfilled bookings and candidate availablity couldn't be easier, as long as you've got permission to do so of course. Whether you need check-in sheets or just want to provide clients with booking information, exporting to Excel is easy and from there the possiblities are endless.

VDQ! has a dedicated mail-centre so you can easily create Contracts, Timesheets and Other Documents automatically.

If you also require the ability to export filled bookings there are plenty of options to provide the necessary information finance, back-office or umbrella organisations. Or why not implement our Pay & Bill solution - Mid-Office.

vdq Simple2

Simple to configure and get working

Superusers can quickly configure the application to suit the way their business works, easily setting up company standards for pay/charge rates, employee certifications, recognised shift patterns, transport, accommodation and other key data.

They can also establish an initial organisational structure for the agency - dividing it into sectors, divisions or departments as required. This sets the scene for the rest of the agency to get to work quickly.

VDQ IntegratewithMO

Integrate with Mid-Office

Get the full end-to-end solution by implementing Mid-Office alongside VDQ for the pay & bill processes.

Process timesheets for your bookings

Raise invoices

Pay workers

Report on your success!


Temp Ninja Candidate Engagement App

Temp Ninja is the ultimate mobile app for your temporary workforce. Helping you to work faster, smarter and easier with your temps.

Save time, improve engagement, reduce costs and manage more bookings with this easy to use app.

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