Temporary Recruitment Agency Software UK

We work with hundreds of temp recruitment agencies and are proud of our 5* Trustpilot reviews. Real recruiters, at real agencies, believe that the combination of Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office is the best software for agencies in the UK placing candidates on a temporary or contract basis.

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Temporary Recruitment Agency Software UK - Infinity and Mid-Office

Voyager Infinity is the smart solution for temporary recruitment agency software UK. Offering a range of powerful integrations including our Mid Office pay & bill application, Infinity is an ideal choice for agencies looking to automate recruitment processes, meet compliance requirements and place more candidates – on a temporary, contract or permanent basis.

We work with hundreds of temp recruitment agencies and we believe that the combination of Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office is the best software for agencies in the UK placing candidates on a temporary or contract basis.

Trusted by the industry

We’re the most trusted recruitment software provider, but don’t just take our word for it.

"We migrated fifty recruiters across five locations, including a full back-office team, onto the Voyager Infinity solution within 8 weeks. There were teething issues, but nothing that the Ikiru People team couldn’t overcome. Migrations are stressful enough, but we were fully supported by a team of knowledgeable and solution-orientated people which made all the difference. If your recruitment business is being hamstrung by poor service, poor functionality lacking empathy, speak to Paul Thompson at Ikiru People!"
Sphere Solutions
Business Improvement Director, Sphere Solutions
"We were looking to implement the system into four very different businesses, and it was clear from the outset that Voyager Infinity would be the system most suited to this. Our Recruiters, Contract and Business Support teams use it extensively and it is integral to all our processes. Permanent, contract and temporary functions are used across our four businesses and Infinity is used for candidate management / communication / searching, allocating and managing shifts / absence, Legalesign and LogicMelon integration, AWR and compliance monitoring, data management checks, tracking business development through the Leads function and reporting."
GEG Capital
Group Recruitment Project Lead, GEG Capital
"Paul Thompson at Ikiru People has given me and my team confidence that sales people can deliver on their word. The support, service and motivational uplift we’ve had by investing in Voyager Infinity, and the team that delivers it, has been transformational in our business. Speak to Paul and his team. From sales to project planning, data migration and training, the VIP service and support has been brilliant! Paul – you were right: we didn’t know what good felt like!"
Jason Norman
Managing Director, Equation Recruitment
"When you have been the customer of a service for such a long time, moving on to a different provider seems daunting. Access/RDB had been Harrison Scott’s MIS programmer for 25 years. The product became outdated and the service was poor, but we became so used to their systems and processes, and the thought of switching seemed like more hassle than it’s worth. It finally became the time to bite the bullet and make that change. We shopped around, and came across Voyager Infinity, a system provided by Ikiru People. Impressed by their demos and service provided during the sales process, we decided to name them our new system provider. I cannot praise their team enough – every question we have had was answered promptly, and an issue we have come across has been resolved efficiently. The system is a dream to use and is already increasing the number of invoices we are sending out. Paul Thompson & Robert Chandler – you are on a league of your own."
George Thompson
Managing Director, Harrison Scott Associates
"We were told so many good things about Voyager Infinity and how much more it could do than our previous recruitment CRM, but naturally we were worried about learning something completely different. We soon realised we had nothing to worry about, as the team were brilliant and the system is amazing. So many new features that make our jobs quicker and easier. Infinity offers so much more than we expected, and we still find new ways of processing bookings and easier ways of working. Our account manager Jennie is always on hand with hints and tips of how to get the best out of the system and training support when needed. Best move we ever made."
Donna Butler
Managing Director, Farsight Recruitment
"We are a very busy Temps orientated recruitment agency in the Catering and Hospitality sector, and are currently busier than we’ve ever been, but with having Voyager Infinity as our recruitment CRM, we are able to keep on top of everything really well. I use Voyager Infinity every day, and love the simplicity of the software, and how accurate the searches are, so I know I’m reaching out to the best candidates each time. We’ve used various CRMs since I started working for TwentySix Recruitment, 7 years ago, but Infinity is by far the best CRM I’ve used. Since going live with Voyager in July 2021, the business has also invested in (and have just gone live with) Voyager Mid-Office to run alongside Infinity, which is something we didn’t feel confident doing with other CRM providers in the past. I would highly recommend Infinity and Mid-Office!"
Alan Rose
Senior Consultant, TwentySix Recruitment
"We were using an archaic system prior to the pandemic, but moving to Voyager Infinity, a cloud-based system, has truly revolutionised the way that we work! We love that we can access our database no matter where we’re working, and the Infinity Connect mobile app has been really helpful to access data on the go! We’ve found Voyager Infinity to be very user-friendly, and really like all the free training webinars as they are so helpful and provide more in depth insights into specific areas of the product to help us improve our working processes and get the most out of our investment. We would definitely recommend Voyager Infinity!"
Stephanie Stevens
Recruitment Consultant, Find-A-Job (East Anglia)
"I used Voyager Infinity with a previous recruitment agency for 10 years and it was fantastic. When the business was taken over and the new owners started using their own in-house CRM instead of Infinity, I decided to leave and set up my own business, and the only CRM I wanted to use was Infinity! I’ve been using Infinity again for the past 3 years, since I started InSite Resourcing Limited, and it does everything I need it to do! I would definitely recommend Infinity to any recruitment agencies looking for a new recruitment CRM!"
Freddie Clerey
Managing Director, InSite Resourcing Limited

“Voyager Infinity facilitates a faster turnaround for our customers, a smarter way of working for all staff and saves me £1,000 a month in admin.”

James Toovey
Managing Director, Langley James

“Voyager Infinity has given back my Recruiters 90 minutes of their day.”

John Doupe
Managing Director, Bond Personnel

"There are lots of great features but the best thing about Infinity for me is definitely the search facility. It is now far faster, far more flexible and far more accurate, helping us to identify the right candidates more quickly and easily."

Richard Adamthwaite
Sales Director, Required IT

"When it comes to a CRM you need something that will keep you at the front of your game. It’s not just about the features, it’s about the people you’re working with and we’ve found Voyager Software and the Infinity recruitment CRM to be a great fit for our business."

Ross Bessell
Director, Boss Professional Services

“Everyone found working with Voyager Professional very user-friendly and practical, we’d had it for 20 years, but the Voyager team has excelled with Infinity – the product and migration service has exceeded all expectations.”

Derek Pepperell
Managing Director, Grist Legal

"We embrace new technology. I’m not going to give away specifics, but using the right technology can be hugely important. I’d certainly not recommend Voyager to my competition - I prefer to keep the advantage to myself!"

Clayton Dempster
Managing Director, BRS Jobs

"Recruitment isn’t a complicated business but many systems out there try and make it that way. I can honestly say that Voyager are the only company that seem to write software for the recruiter ensuring my staff can focus purely on billing. Highly efficient software with an even more efficient support desk."

Byron Finance
Managing Director, Byron Finance

“Voyager provided a very good demonstration and sales process, they understood our needs and offered clear advice."

Steven Linzner
Director, EL8

“Voyager Infinity makes us more efficient; it makes everyone be able to see what everyone is doing. Especially now, having just moved on to the SaaS version. We have the Voyager Infinity Connect app now as well, which is a very useful tool, because the consultants will be able to look up contact numbers of candidates if they suddenly need to phone someone from home, they can do it on their mobile without having to be in the office. So, it certainly saves us time and will continue to save us time, make us more efficient, provide the clients with a better level of service and the candidates as well.”

Andrew Willsher
Finance and Operations Director, Pyramid8

"The sales process was both consultative and informative. We've worked together to implement a unique solution which supports and benefits our workflow."

Lewis Fraser
Managing Director, Just IT

"When time came to upgrade to a new system, Voyager Infinity offered everything that I needed, allowing me to have all my information in one place. I think the product is pretty good, and with the recent redesign, it seems very much more intuitive to use."

Penny Lawson
Director, Folio Recruitment
"Great recruitment software that is continually improving. The training, technical support and account managers are first class. I would recommend Voyager Infinity for recruitment companies small and large."
Laura Clarke
Director, Merritt Recruitment
"Voyager Infinity has saved me hours of work. I'm very grateful to the Ikiru People team for taking the time to help me get the best results for my business."
Carolyn Hannaway
Director, Orca Recruitment & Training Services
"Ikiru People is a very decent company with good people who know what they're doing. If you need a database, you couldn't do any better."
Alan Clarke
Managing Director, The Bridge Consultancy
"I have been using Voyager Infinity for my start-up recruitment business since 2022. The product is great, training is excellent, and most importantly when you have a query they always have a swift, suitable response. I highly recommend them!"
Nik Chenery
Director, Tomtain Recruitment
"We stuck with our previous solution for far too long. We thought we knew what good support and service felt like but we were totally wrong. Simple Recruitment has migrated from one of the best know names in the market onto Voyager Infinity and we’ve got nothing but good things to say about the team at Ikiru People - from the Salesperson Paul Thompson to the Project Manager, Data-Migration team, Account Managers and individual Trainers like Matt and Debbie – wow, what a team! Infinity and the team at Ikiru People are fantastic. Trust me, bite the bullet, make the move – you need to upgrade!"
Jayla Wilcox
Managing Director, Simple Recruitment
"I recommend Ikiru People and Voyager Infinity software. Great company and slick software. The best of its type that I have seen."
Sean Flude
Managing Director, Bowland Recruitment

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Temporary Recruitment Agency Software

Front office and pay & bill software for UK temporary recruitment agencies

Our cloud-based and fully integrated front office CRM and pay-and-bill software solutions make life easier for UK temporary recruitment agencies.  Our integrated temporary recruitment software will help you find, place, manage and pay your candidates, while staying compliant and supporting your clients.

Front office support for temporary recruitment agencies

  • Simple booking sheet and shift planners
  • Shift Based Temps, Contract, Perm, Fixed Term all in one product
  • Comprehensive compliance functionality
  • Live candidate planner availability, shift patterns data and placement dashboard
  • Automatic candidate and client communication
  • Support for Working Time Directive, GDPR, AWR, IR35 etc.
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Full CRM & Database for Recruitment

  • Powerful database search & CRM functionality
  • Outlook, Office 365, SMS and Click to Dial support
  • Job Posting
  • Business intelligence portal
  • E-signature tool
  • Online timesheets
  • Skills testing and training
  • Zapier integration
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Harness the power of AI with Infinity Copilot

  • AI-generated candidate bios
  • AI-generated outreach and marketing
  • AI-driven CV research
  • AI-assisted web research
  • AI-driven lead sourcing
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Pay & Bill functionality with Mid-Office

  • Process timesheets in seconds
  • Integrated online timesheet entry, authorisation and approval
  • Track time and attendance
  • Produce self-bill invoices
  • Raise sales invoices for contractors
  • Support for Umbrella companies
  • Full HMRC reporting
  • Extensive reporting and dashboards
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Discover Voyager Business Intelligence for Temps

Relevant temporary recruitment software dashboards, providing valuable insights on your temps recruitment.

Find out more
Temporary Recruitment Agency Software

and more…

  • Cloud-based or server-based, it's your choiceCloud-based or server-based, it's your choice
  • Free mobile app - Infinity ConnectFree mobile app - Infinity Connect
  • Customisable dashboardsCustomisable dashboards
  • Temp availability plannerTemp availability planner
  • Auto skill & searchAuto skill & search
  • Intelligent candidate ranking and scoringIntelligent candidate ranking and scoring
  • Quick location finder with Infinity’s iMapsQuick location finder with Infinity’s iMaps
  • Social media connectivitySocial media connectivity
  • Branded CVs in secondsBranded CVs in seconds
  • Personal task manager and schedulerPersonal task manager and scheduler

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Temporary Recruitment Software

We work with hundreds of UK temp recruitment agencies, and fully understand the specialist requirements that these recruiters have. We automate key recruitment processes, support the meeting of compliance requirements and provide the type of real-time management systems data that UK temp agencies need.

Our sector experience is unmatched, and no other temporary or contracts recruitment software supplier has as many independent 5* reviews on Trustpilot as we do. We believe (and so do they!) that we are the best vendor to temporary staffing firms in the UK.