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Middle Office Pay & Bill Solutions

Some recruitment businesses may consider that they don’t even have a middle office. This is a common misconception.

Any business that; processes timesheets, invoices clients, pays any type of worker, calculates commissions, produces margin reports has a middle office and probably needs help to streamline these onerous tasks. 

The processes involved in the mid office are more common than those in the front office, so regardless of which front office product you are running, it is likely that our pay & bill solution, Voyager Mid-Office will meet your middle office requirements.

We have also developed Voyager Mid-Office Bureau Edition to support the diverse processing needs of multiple organisations and enable bureaus to subcontract mid-office operations for multiple client recruitment companies on a single platform.

Both Mid-Office solutions are easily configured to meet individual requirements and both integrate with Voyager’s front office solutions as well as front office systems from other providers and all the common proprietary accounting and payroll packages such as Sage.



Complete Pay & Bill


Voyager MID-OFFICE is designed to
automate and simplify your agency’s pay and
billing processes, saving you time, effort and money.

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