Harrison Scott Associates

George Thompson, Managing Director

“When you have been the customer of a service for such a long time, moving on to a different provider seems daunting. Access/RDB had been Harrison Scott’s MIS programmer for 25 years. The product became outdated and the service was poor, but we became so used to their systems and processes, and the thought of switching seemed like more hassle than it’s worth. It finally became the time to bite the bullet and make that change. We shopped around, and came across Voyager Infinity, a system provided by Ikiru People. Impressed by their demos and service provided during the sales process, we decided to name them our new system provider. I cannot praise their team enough – every question we have had was answered promptly, and an issue we have come across has been resolved efficiently. The system is a dream to use and is already increasing the number of invoices we are sending out.

Paul Thompson & Robert Chandler – you are on a league of your own.”