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Change can be good!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Rebecca and Jill created Amber Employment, but 11 years really have flown by!  A small team of experts boasting a proven track record of delivering perm and temp recruitment services to the local area. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. catches up with the team after 6 months of change, including their company move from West Byfleet to their new spacious offices in Ripley, Surrey.

Preserving the Ethics in Recruitment

We always prided ourselves on delivering a quality and traditional recruitment service but with GDPR, Brexit, a margin squeeze and increased advertising costs; change was on the horizon.

We took time to sit back from the hustle and bustle of daily work and reviewed our business – it was one of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made.

Our clients know that candidates are increasingly passive and so to hire the best talent will require a true partnership with a recruiter. We’ve often invested years nurturing relationships with candidates and clients and with hires being increasingly strategic; a relationship needs to run much deeper than a CV and a quick chat.

We needed to offer a faster service, with less red tape and increased levels of compliance in light of GDPR – and today we do.

Whilst both the candidates and clients may feel like they’re in the driving seat, the reality is that it’s often the recruiter that’s at the heart of the relationship and hence becomes the deal maker.

By keeping our recruiters central to the process, true value is sure to be delivered. Our fresh approach has meant our “Preserving Ethics in Recruitment” company values are truer than ever before.

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The Catalyst for Change

The GDPR has been a real catalyst for change and the May deadline re-focused our vision. I can honestly say the GDPR has reinvigorated our team and along with our recent office move, breathed fresh air into our business; the GDPR has done the same for our data.

Whilst it’s apparent that many recruiters sit on stale data, we don’t.  Our belief is that fresh compliant data is our best asset and is ultimately why people come to us.

Turning Uncertainty into an Opportunity

There are many things recruiters have very little influence over and so, we’ve focused on what’s within our control, not what’s outside of it.

What we do, who we spend our time with and the ROI of that invested time is more important than ever before in the competitive world we live and do business in.

Undoubtedly, Brexit offers a degree of uncertainty in the UK jobs market, but that’s an opportunity in itself.  In the last 6 months, we’ve stepped up to educate candidates and clients highlighting the huge opportunities that still exist.  We’ve also announced our next free Employment Law seminar to be held on 21st November.  Our seminars always go down very well with customers and provide another differentiator from the competition.

It’s also a great chance to build relationships and ensure we are up to date with latest legislation.

Isn’t Recruitment a great industry for proactive people!

If something isn’t working, we look to fix it, but working and putting people to work is what we’re experts at.

Decent Technology is Key to Success

Our business is based on people and relationships and so a decent CRM is key. Voyager Infinity SaaS is laid out in an extremely easy way. Holly, our latest recruit picked up the basics almost instantly. Outlook, Excel, folders and paper often had a place in our office prior to Voyager which sometimes added delay, duplication and confusion, but the Microsoft Exchange integration is very tight and now means all emails, tasks, to-dos and appointments are automatically logged and tracked.

With all key information on one page, life is easier, and the social insights tool is hugely valuable when you’re trying to build a picture of a person or company during a phone call.

“The Outlook plugin is amazing – such a time saver.”

It doesn’t have to be a headache

We were looking for a positive and proactive relationship with a software partner that would take the time to get to know us, our processes, our ethics and morals and really understand why we’re unique. 

Voyager delivered.

Many CRMs are clunky and offer little more than an address book.

Although we’ve always recognised that technology moves fast, we didn’t appreciate the  far-reaching benefits a fresh and modern CRM can offer – it’s facilitated a better pipeline, faster working, greater insights into our customers and has increased activity in the office.

The only thing better than the product was the service and support we’ve had from Voyager implementing it. Storm, our Project Manager was amazing! 

Amber on their future

In the future we’ll be focusing more time on what we do best – getting people jobs. Change is good.  Embrace it rather than fear it. If something isn’t working, take steps to change it.


Amber Employment Page Profile


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