• Innovative Recruitment Software

    Organise and manage your clients and
    candidates efficiently and cost effectively




Permanent, Contract & Temporary Solutions.

Our chief aim at Voyager is to simplify the day-to-day running of your recruitment business through the automation of
mundane tasks and the elimination of unnecessary work. Our products allow you to concentrate on what you do best,
adding value to your clients’ and your own business.



Voyager Infinity

Voyager Infinity is the truly connected recruitment software solution for the
permanent, contract and temporary
recruitment market.



Voyager VDQ!

Voyager VDQ! is designed for
temporary recruitment and employment agencies that deal in high volume
/ low margin bookings.




Voyager MID-OFFICE is designed to
automate and simplify your agency’s pay and
billing processes, saving you time, effort and money.

  • Omnio Recruitment

    Omnio Recruitment

    "When you look to implement a new CRM package you assume they are all pretty much the same, our experience is that that is not the case. Voyager Infinity is very much built around what you need rather than what you don't."
    Darren Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director
  • Arrows


    “We were provided with a crack team including a Project Manager and two Developers. There has been quite a bit of synergy between the two companies which has been great, it enhances the service that we've received even more so”
  • FT & RS2

    FT & RS2

    Q. Why did you choose Voyager?
    A. “I’ve used the software previously and loved it”
  • Leader


    Q. How was your Voyager project?
    A. “Good levels of communication and accurate project timescales”
  • RequiredIT


    “There are lots of great features but the best thing about Infinity for me is definitely the search facility”
  • Prospectus


    “Excellent training – answered all my queries and very good at explaining the process”
  • NetworkRecruitment


    “The training was very comprehensive and easy to understand”
  • EL8


    “Very good demonstration and sales process, they understood our needs and offered clear advice.”
  • JustIT


    “The sales process was both consultative and informative. We worked together to implement a unique solution which supports and benefits our workflow.”
  • FT & RS

    FT & RS

    “The training is very easy to understand and very comprehensive”
  • DCV


    "The Support & Training team were fantastic to work with and although the process was not faultless (mostly issues from our own side!) everyone was extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable."
  • XCD


    “Voyager’s help and easy to deal with manner has made this an easy project for me, even though I stepped in midway through the project it was seamless"
  • Omnio2


    “Moving across from one system to another is always quite a nerve racking experience; however the project management that Voyager gives you does help settle those nerves and put you at ease.”
  • 98percent


    ...of people would recommend a Voyager training course
  • 100percent


    ...of people felt that the trainer was knowledgeable abut the product and the recruitment industry
  • Omnio Recruitment
  • Arrows
  • FT & RS2
  • Leader
  • RequiredIT
  • Prospectus
  • NetworkRecruitment
  • EL8
  • JustIT
  • FT & RS
  • DCV
  • XCD
  • Omnio2
  • 98percent
  • 100percent

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