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Dedicated recruitment agency software and CRM for staffing firms of all sizes

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Configurable, intuitive, flexible

  • Easily test, process and score the ever-increasing number of applicants with our integrated FREE skills testing
  • Automate admin & workflows to lower the costs
  • Place qualified candidates to win more business
  • Limit the risk of bad hires
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Easy-to-use, scalable, affordable

  • Automate admin and recruitment processes
  • Market leading 24/5 technical support
  • Easily test, process and score the ever-increasing number of applicants with our integrated FREE skills testing
  • Increase placements & profit
  • Facilitate quick growth
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Recruitment software that supports recruiters.

Our recruitment agency software is designed to help recruitment companies be better at what they do – from finding qualified candidates to placing them in any temps, contract or perm specific roles. Superior software with market-leading support from teams in the UK, the US and Australia.

Recruitment can be made easy with Voyager Infinity, so whether you are a start-up or an established recruitment agency, you are better off with our software and team on your side.

More about us

  • Voyager Infinity – Cloud based SaaS recruitment database and CRM software
  • Save time: use our free skills testing to test, process and score the ever-increasing number of interested candidates
  • Automate: From CV formatting to automated follow ups, our software does the leg work
  • Seamless integrations: Outlook, Office 365, Job Boards, ISV.Online skills testing and Social Media – Infinity talks to them all
  • One recruitment platform supporting permanent, temp and contract recruiters
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  • Support your entire pay & bill process
  • We understand what IR35 means for recruitment, so Mid-Office is IR35 ready
  • Sync seamlessly with Voyager Infinity or your recruiting software solution
  • Automate timesheets, invoicing – we support it all
  • GDPR Compliance by design
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Voyager Recruitment CRM - more than a simple ATS

Our powerful recruitment CRM software is better than any recruiting tools or applicant tracking systems. It is designed to streamline recruiting processes, save time, improve candidate experience, and enhance the hiring process.  Strengthen your talent acquisition strategy by broadening your talent pool and improving your talent management. In short, it makes hiring easy. We are here to help you:
✓ Improve recruiter productivity
✓ Find top talent
✓ Enhance recruiting system
✓ Strengthen customer relationship management
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Trusted by the staffing industry to provide quicker, better service

Recruit faster and better with our recruitment agency software. Infinity is easy to use – instantly improving your efficiency and effectiveness. It makes all your recruiting efforts count. Your productivity increase impacts your work and will position you as a leading recruitment agency in the market. Leverage our recruitment management system to fine-tune candidate assessment and improve performance management.
Convenience is key – work from anywhere, anytime. Clients and candidates can reach out at any time. Maintaining constant contact with the best job applicants helps boost candidate engagement and candidate communication. It also strengthens the candidate relationship. Don’t wait till you are at work to start working. Smart recruiters use our recruiting tool to help them manage applications from interested candidates at the earliest. It is convenient and easy to record all the candidate information on the software. it is also easy to get immediate access to it with a single click.
Find the best talent in the market using our recruiting solution. It has never been easier to source candidates and find top talent. We offer FREE skills testing to our Voyager Infinity customer. Our skills tests are the top in the market, comprising a comprehensive library of tests suitable for candidates from all fields. You will find our online skills tests are extremely easy to use for both recruiter and candidate. We are the best recruiting software offering extra features to recruiter smarter and quicker.
Spend less time on admin, more time focused on finding and placing the best candidates. Our intuitive recruiting tool will help you find top candidates faster. We also offer a compliance tool to ensure that you are able to guide your clients and candidates meet all the compliance checks.
Infinity recruiting solution is geared to help you perform your best. Ensure your goals align with the work you’re doing. We provide recruiting essentials at your fingertips so that you never stray far from your objectives.
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“We were looking for a modern way of recruiting which addressed today’s world, but we needed a proper solution, not a cut-down website with lots of add-ons as offered by most. I’m pleased to say our expectations were met and exceeded with Voyager Infinity SaaS, it’s transformed our operation.”

“We had Act! which we used for our clients, and we had a separate CRM for candidates. Voyager took both databases and brought them both onto Infinity with very little effort.”

“When time came to upgrade to a new system, Voyager Infinity offered everything that I needed, allowing me to have all my information in one place. I think the product is pretty good, and with the recent redesign, it seems very much more intuitive to use.”

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“We researched the market for a Software CRM partner that shared our appetite and vision for growth – we chose Voyager Software”

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“After considering all the main players in recruitment software, Voyager was the company of choice. The consultancy, knowledge, implementation and the system itself – Voyager Infinity was head and shoulders above the competition.”

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“We always prided ourselves on delivering a quality and traditional recruitment service but with GDPR, Brexit, a margin squeeze and increased advertising costs; change was on the horizon.”

“Bond was a professional business before we were introduced to Voyager Software and the Infinity SaaS platform, now we’re doing it faster, cheaper and with less pain”

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“Asking for help can be a key strength in recruitment and I’ve worked with numerous 3rd party specialists. Voyager and their team being a key to our success. I value third-party relationships every bit as much as my candidates and clients”

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“I believe it is testament enough that Required IT have partnered with Voyager Software for over 14 years and continue to take advantage of their ever-improving Infinity platform”

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The best recruiting software to ensure your recruiting needs are met

Quality candidates. Brilliant user experience. Smooth candidate management. A happy talent acquisition team.

We promise to make hiring easy for you. And we always deliver our promises. Hiring managers experience better recruiting and workflow using our recruiting tool.

Revitalise, streamline and automate your entire hiring process with Voyager Infinity CRM solution. You need a recruitment CRM software vendor who provides an intuitive platform with a customisable dashboard to help recruiters with data management, talent search and candidate relationship management.

Get a better value for your CRM system. Partner up with a recruitment software vendor whose objective is to help you lessen your workload and optimise your strengths. You will find our recruiting functions generate better custom reports, provide easy online assessments for candidate screening, and automation to reduce manual data entry.

Work with the best recruiting software to support your talent acquisition teams now.

Use our business intelligence tools to optimise your business. Make your recruiting team among the most successful recruiters.

Voyager is the best software and automation platform for businesses of all sizes. We work with leading recruitment agencies in the industry who make contract, temporary, and permanent candidate placements. Your search for quality candidates and top performers ends with Voyager. Utilise our recruitment management system to get fresh insights on your hiring practices, business performance and trends in the recruiting industry.

Our years of experience have helped deliver CRM solutions that have been the best fit for different recruitment companies.

Delivering the best recruitment database software for agencies

Our aim is to provide the best recruitment solution for all kinds of agencies in the recruiting industry.
You will receive excellent customer support service. We nurture our customer relationships. We work hard to deliver the best service – and we ask our clients to validate our performance through Trustpilot. We are the only mainstream recruitment CRM supplier to do this, and our “excellent” rating – 4.7 out of 5 – reflects this.
As for offering the best recruitment agency software? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The best recruitment CRM for a temporary recruitment agency is not necessarily the best for a staffing firm placing applicants on a permanent basis. That’s why we offer alternative solution configurations for perm, contract and temp agencies to help improve your entire recruiting business.
We have excellent references from each type of recruitment business and would be delighted to talk to you about how we can help meet the specific needs of your recruitment agency!
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