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Case Study Testimonial Required IT


REQUIRED IT is a London-based IT recruitment agency that specializes in the banking, financial, insurance and retail sectors for clients in the United Kingdom, United States and the Asia-Pacific region. It is privately owned and was founded in 2002 with 20 members of staff working from the London office.

Andrew Shone is Director of Operations for Required IT since 2011. His background is in enterprise technology systems for the banking, insurance, human resources and real estate industries. Andrew stays up to date on all technology trends in these industries and consults his staff to ensure they continue to find the highest-rated candidates for their client’s needs.

THE journey SO FAR

I believe it is testament enough that Required IT have partnered with Voyager Software for over 14 years and continue to take advantage of their ever-improving Infinity platform.

Since we adopted Voyager Infinity in 2012, the staff of Required IT have had a dramatic improvement in workflow and productivity. The feature-rich platform has provided us with not only an excellent out-of-the-box product, but an adaptable system that can be tailored to our exacting business needs.

We have developed a great relationship with Voyager Software, albeit not being a terribly hard task, as each staff member is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in their field. You are also never too far away from senior management who adopt a hands-on approach with their clients and maintain a good relationship themselves.

A helping hand

On the occasions that we do have problems with using Infinity, we are always reassured by the fact that they have a hard-working support department and a clever bunch of training staff at hand that help us resolve our issues quickly and without fuss. Any bespoke work that we commission is also scoped and delivered on time and is exactly as we expected.

embracing change

Required IT have been using an on-premises system of Infinity for the last five years, and the nine years prior we used Voyager Professional. This year we are very excited to be moving to their new SaaS platform and take advantage of the benefits it will give us, such as anywhere access, a mobile app, SIP phone integration and Power BI reporting.


It is a truly exciting product to watch grow and to see new features being added that you immediately know will benefit your business.

Every few years Required IT conducts a study to make sure that the company is using the best software available for its needs. The last study in 2016 put Voyager Software’s Infinity platform against other major vendors and well-known brands (who also charge up to five times more than Voyager Software) and found an absolute reluctance from all staff members to move away from the Infinity platform. One member of staff even threatened to quit if we moved platforms!

They all concluded that infinity was better laid out, had better workflows, displayed more relevant information and required less clicks to action any task. What became clear was that infinity was designed for recruiters by recruiters, who had hands-on experience in the industry.

The Conclusion

I would, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend Voyager Software to any recruitment company that demands a high-quality CRM that provides an impressive ROI over its competitors. However, part of me wants to keep it a secret, because I believe it gives us a competitive edge against our counterparts.

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