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GDPR Part 4 - Compliancy

As part of the GDPR webinar series, Part 4 is now available to view and download.

In Part 4 we focus on the important issues surrounding the subject of compliancy and the things you need to consider.


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The GDPR Myths vs Reality

Free Whitepaper Download - GDPR Myths vs Reality

With the impending enforcement of GDPR coming in May 2018, we've seen a high volume of unofficial information on the subject and as a result a lot of myths, hype and inaccuracies have surfaced along the way. 

In this free whitepaper, Paul Mather, GDPR practitioner and director of operations at Voyager Software, talks about the myths surrounding GDPR versus the reality. 

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GDPR Part 3 - Legalities, Policies and Process

We’re now pleased to announce ‘GDPR Part 3 - Legalities, Policies and Process’ is available to download.

In Part 3 of our 'GDPR Webinar Series' we focus on what makes processing legal, controller and processor liability, plus what types of policies and processes you’ll need to have in place before enforcement. We also take a closer look at certifications, enforcement and penalties as well as data security in general.

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GDPR Part 2 - Rights and Consent

Following the release of our webinar guide 'GDPR Part 1 - Overview and Key Points' last month, we're now pleased to make 'Part 2 - Rights and Consent' available to download.

In Part 2 of our 'GDPR Webinar Series' we take a closer look at the draft guidance from the ICO on the subject of consent, as well as the rights of data subjects and how these rights will impact you. We also examine DPO's, alongside privacy impact assessments and privacy by design.  

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GDPR Part 1 - Overview & Key Points

To help get you up to speed with GDPR and what it will mean for you and your team, we’re running a series of free informative webinars over the next few months. Each webinar will cover the key points you need to know in order to prepare your business for enforcement in 2018.

Part 1 of this series has already been released, therefore if you couldn’t make it or would like a refresher on what was discussed, you can download a copy of the webinar recording and presentation slides by clicking the link below.

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