Search over 17 million CVs directly from Infinity Recruitment Software

CV-Library is one of the UK’s largest independent online job sites and attracts over 4.3 million unique job seekers every month.

With over 17 million CVs, CV-Library provides an extensive pool of talent which can be searched directly from Infinity Recruitment Software.

The partnership enables organisations that use both CV-Library and Voyager Infinity, to source and access millions of CVs from CV-Library, without leaving the Voyager platform. In turn, this will help users to hire more effectively, saving a lot of time and effort during the recruitment process.


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If you can’t find the perfect candidate in your database you can cast the net wider with Infinity’s iResearch tool. With iResearch you can search CV-Library’s massive talent pool and then import the selected candidates directly into your database. This easy-to-use integration uses your CV-Library account. If you are an existing Voyager Infinity client but you don’t have a CV-Library account already then click here to sign up for a free trial.

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