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Infinity integrates the multi-job posting solution LogicMelon. Jobs from the Infinity database are automatically sent to LogicMelon for dispatch to your selection of their extensive job board network.  Logic Melon – are award-winning, job posting and candidate management pros. They offer bespoke solutions to your recruitment and candidate experience needs. LogicMelon’s cloud-based software is a smart but simple hybrid of ATS meets multi job poster.

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360 Integration

Already integrated with thousands of job boards, not to mention all your favourite social media channels LogicMelon is the one-stop-shop for job posting.

Their post, manage and report software is everything you need to multi-post jobs via your preferred boards, manage an engaging candidate experience and get to grips with your analytics, costs and beyond. LogicMelon makes recruiting and managing candidates an easy, engaging adventure.

This coupled with the seamless integration with Voyager Infinity means all applications will appear instantly against the job record ensuring duplicates are handled the way you want and need them to be.

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Why Logicmelon?

We partnered with LogicMelon because:

  • Of their willingness to adapt for their clients
  • They’re award winners
  • They think outside the box
  • They’re nice people
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