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Specifically for the outsourced provider


Mid-Office – for the Bureau or Outsourced provider

Mid-Office addresses the challenges faced by Agency Back-Office teams head-on.

We start by importing placements from multiple CRMS/databases/excel so you don’t have to key them in and centralised Timesheet/Expenses processing.

We then use business rules and implementation wizards to streamline sales/purchase invoice production, commission statements, real-time reporting and post data directly into your Accounts package when you’ve finished.

But Mid-Office is soo much more than that.

Mid-Office Bureau is a technology platform which is easily adopted by your clients, is easy to use for staff of all levels and is flexible enough to support and deliver on your promises.

Put simply; people get paid more accurately, in a more timely fashion with Mid-Office and your clients will be invoiced correctly, ahead of time and be paid without dispute.

Mid-Office Bureau facilitates a smarter way of working and has deskilled the manual tasks you’ve not be able too, and kicks your processes into shape – want to see it in action?

Why Mid-Office is perfect for the outsource bureau market

In short, MO has removed the duplication of data entry, which is traditionally at the heart of the problems faces by Back-Office teams. Your clients need a fast and efficient service with minimal manual intervention, and that’s what Mid-Office facilitates.

Mid-Office is so efficient in its processes that a number of Bureau businesses have adopted Mid-Office as their technology platform, so we launched Mid-Office Bureau.

Mid-Office Bureau can be configured to adopt the workflow and process of some even the most complicated recruitment sectors. Nursing, Locum, Care and Industrial can be extremely tight on margin, and yet be very high-volume, and these sectors call for Mid-Office.

How to win business in the Bureau space - Find the right technology partner

Voyager will support you in your effort to win new business.  With a proven track record of delivering Bureau business and with the might of the Voyager team as your technology partner, you’ll be in a position to deliver on your promises.

What does it cost?

We recognize that all Outsourced Bureau services are unique, and so is our offering and pricing.
As your technology partner Voyager will work with you to propose a compelling business case for your client and mirror your pricing if you feel that's appropriate.
  • If your services are charged on a transaction model, per timesheet - we’ll do the same.
  • If you charge an upfront fee and small monthly support cost – we’ll do the same.
  • If you need to be creative on your financial proposal and how it’s funded – we’ll do the same.
To ensure the perfect fit we recommend a pilot and ‘proof of concept’, Voyager is well placed to help.

If you feel Mid-Office is more than you require at this stage, considering outsourcing your Pay and Bill to a Mid-Office Partner.
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