Voyager Mid-Office

Take the hassle out of pay & bill


What is Mid-Office?

Voyager Mid-Office is a software solution designed to automate and simplify your agency's pay and billing processes and as a result save you time, effort and money. Sitting in the middle between placements made in the front office and the back office accounting system, Mid-Office drives the automation of timesheets, invoicing, payments (PAYE and non-PAYE), holiday pay, AWR, margin reports, HMRC reporting, management information and even consultant commission/bonus schemes. 

2 simple aims:

1: To be simple enough to use so that even users without accounting/payroll qualifications will find it intuitive and be able to drive all day-to-day processes.

2: To be flexible enough to match the varied and unique requirements of each business and its clients.

mo import placments2

Import your placements

If you're using one of Voyager's front office recruitment solutions, placements automatically appear in Mid-Office ready for processing. There are also links to 3rd party front office systems and an import process for other sources of placement data (including candidates, clients, rates, invoicing details, etc). Reduce data entry and human error by bringing the front and back office together.

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Process your timesheets in-house or online

Timesheets are automatically created week-to-week and/or month-to-month based on the current bookings and placements.

All you have to do is enter the number of hours, days, shifts, etc worked against the pre-populated rates, plus any expenses or deductions (if required). Some of the integration options even offer pre-populated timesheets based on the hours on original booking.

View, approve and process timesheets.

mo Invoice2

Raise invoices - Permanent / Contract / Temporary / Retainer

Get invoices out faster and recharge expenses quickly and efficiently.

Automatically attach electronic copies of the timesheets to invoices.

Customisable invoice templates.

Invoice immediately upon receipt of a signed timesheet (or electronically approved timesheet).

Multiple invoice templates for the diverse requirements of your clients.

Invoicing preferences stored at client level and set just once.


Email commission statements to consultants at the click of a button

Schemes can be based on gross profit (accounting for all employment costs - eg Holiday Pay, Employers' NI, etc).

Allocate staff to different commission/reward structures.

Easily manage thresholds & ad-hoc rewards. Even manage refunds and clawbacks efficiently and transparently.

Manage the cost of sale effectively.

Avoid commission 'discussions' by giving a breakdown by timesheets, placements and date range.


Manage Candidate Pay (PAYE & Non-PAYE)

Automatically accrue holiday pay and additional costs for PAYE workers and interface with leading payroll packages.

Manage new starters, holiday payouts and leavers with ease.

Produce detailed pay statements and accurate margin reports from resultant payroll figures across multiple payroll companies.

Create purchase invoices and/or remittances (depending on individual candidate requirements) for Limited companies, Umbrella/Composites and cater for CIS requirements.

Manage HMRC Intermediary reporting and produce quarterly outputs required for compliance.

Mid Office Video

Online Timesheets - who doesn't want that? 

Automatically register new Candidates and Clients via www.timesheetportal.com.

Automatically import Confirmed Hours from Candidates and Clients.

View in real-time what is outstanding.

Reduce Admin, Time, Mistakes and Data-Entry.



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