Online Recruitment Training

Put the development of your trainee Delivery Consultants in safe hands with this online training programme created by leading recruitment trainer Jeremy Snell.

This winning combination of online training modules alongside live weekly Q&A coaching sessions will give your new hires the best possible start and set them up for a successful career in recruitment.


Online video based training

Engaging content that engages with rookies to inspire them to take action filmed with top quality audio and video.

Tools and guides to download

Desk prompts, question stacks, forms and templates to translate content into action quickly.

Live clinics and coaching sessions

Q&A sessions, live clinics to help people keep moving forward and coaching to develop good behaviours early.

Proven activities to embed good habits

Activities that create deeper learning that are woven into the working day whilst delivering against live assignments immediately.

Don’t leave your training to chance …

Put your rookies in the safe hands of an expert. Jeremy Snell has trained over 10,000 recruiters in 22 different countries and designed 100s of successful new starter training programmes.

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