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Sterling is the only debt collection agency with experienced agents dedicated to collecting recruitment sector debt.

Sterling Debt Recovery

Sterling Debt Recovery has been collecting debts for recruitment agencies since 2007. We work regularly with over 300 agencies as and when they need us, from sole traders to multi-nationals.

Our collectors have a thorough understanding of the sector’s terms of business, how the market works, the disputes and excuses that arise, and how to get you paid quickly.

Commission only debt collection

Sterling work on a no-win, no-fee basis with no up-front charges. In the majority of cases, they are able to add late payment interest, fees and recovery costs to the debt meaning that the debtor effectively covers our fee.

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Back Door Hire Placements

A common problem for recruiters is missed engagement fees due to back door hire placements. Sterling has developed HireChecker, our back door hire discovery service. HireChecker allows agencies to monitor and track down back door hire placements quickly and cost-effectively on a ‘fee per find’ basis.

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Legal advice and debt litigation

Weaknesses in sales process or terms of business can create loopholes, allowing disreputable customers to avoid payment. Sterling can assist with a review of your terms of business, to tighten up your agreements to put you in the best standing to achieve full payment, and by providing advice on the process to ensure that your terms are incorporated correctly.

Sterling’s website contains lots of useful advice to help recruiters protect themselves against bad debts, including letter templates and advice on how to tighten up process and contracts.

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