TrustID are the UK’s leading experts in Right to Work (RtW) Services and a government certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP).


Read the press release about Voyager Infinity’s partnership with TrustID.

Using Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT), TrustID are supporting over 2500 SMEs to deliver fast and consistent identity and RtW checks to streamline and support staff onboarding processes. Since 2013, TrustID have been working with organisations of all sizes to protect them against fraud and support their compliance.


Watch this short video explaining how TrustID’s integration with Voyager Infinity helps to verify candidates’ information directly from your CRM:


What makes TrustID the industry leading experts:

  • Support both digital and non-digital (physical document) RtW checks
  • Uses a unique combination of technology backed up by a team of UK based human experts, means you will always receive a definitive response to any document checked
  • Target response time of 1 hour, between 8am and midnight, 7-days a week
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  • Accessible service, allowing you to make checks from anywhere
  • Scalable pay-per-check pricing model flexes with your recruitment needs
  • No additional set-up fees, user licence costs or annual fees and no minimum-term contract
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For more information, please contact TrustID.