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Why Microsoft Teams Works Well for Recruitment Agencies?

“Why did Microsoft build Teams?” – In response to the evolution of collaboration in the world where remote working is becoming the new normal.

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork within Office 365, solves the collaboration and communication needs of a diverse workforce. Since launch, capabilities have been extended to include chat, voice and video.

Microsoft Teams comes with the enterprise-grade security and compliance that you would come to expect from Office 365.

Watch this comprehensive Microsoft video on how to use Teams efficiently or read on to learn more

3 Reasons How Teams Help

Microsoft Teams delivers on promises to create a digital workspace for high performing teams.

  • It is the hub for teamwork within Office 365.
  • Microsoft Teams provides for the collaboration and communication needs of a diverse and remote workforce, so ideal for the Recruitment Industry.
  • Since launch capabilities have been extended the to include chat, voice and video.

When it comes to chat, Microsoft Teams is fast, fluid, low-overhead, and instantly familiar, making it easier to share information and accelerate decision making and can be used with both clients and candidates as well as internally with colleagues.
The Office apps and services that recruiters use every day are all built-in:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • SharePoint
  • The new Planner task management app
  • Stream video portal
  • Power BI


Microsoft Teams modernises your meetings experience.

  • Before a meeting, team members can review conversations.
  • During a meeting, Teams can share content and hold the meeting using a diverse array of communication mediums including audio conferencing and video.
  • Microsoft Teams supports private and group meeting capabilities, scheduling and free/busy calendar availability for team members.


How do you use Teams?

  • When you click Teams, you see a list of teams, or different groups of people.
  • You can compartmentalise people into Teams.
  • You might have an Agency-wide team, a Recruiters team, Admin team, Senior Management team and so forth.
  • You can create as many teams as you want.


How does Teams Work?

  • With access to all Microsoft Office functions, all signposting and usage is identical and therefore easy to use.
  • Teams provides access for all messaging apps including chat video calling, audio calling, and screen sharing.
  • You can make one-on-one calls or group calls with audio only or video. Anyone in your Microsoft Teams account can click your name, click the video icon, and call you. If you don’t answer, the caller can leave a voicemail-like message.


Verdict: Squarely a Microsoft Product

  • Microsoft Teams earns points for being highly customisable, supporting a wide range of apps and services for integration, and hitting all the major features notes one expects to see in a business chat app.
  • Recruitment Agencies who will use Teams to its full potential are those already heavily invested in a Microsoft workplace. If you’re a Microsoft house, you will probably already have Teams installed.
  • Microsoft Teams is well suited to Recruitment Agencies that like to keep projects and ideas organised, but also compartmentalised (eg Role and Client).
  • If you’re already committed with Microsoft Hosted Desktop, it’s a perfect client and candidate messaging app.
  • Teams is designed and is ideal for remote working.


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Why Microsoft Teams Works Well for Recruitment Agencies?