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Shift Planner: Your hidden weapon in temporary recruitment

In the recruiting world, particularly for temporary placements, timing is of the essence. Making sure the appropriate candidate is available at the appropriate time for a job can be described as a complex balancing act. This is the place where Voyager Infinity‘s Shift Planner comes into play as a secret weapon, facilitating shift planning and providing a competitive advantage in the temp recruitment process.

Temporary recruitment challenges

Temporary staffing has a unique set of issues for recruiters. You’re not simply matching candidates with job specifications; you also have to deal with specific time frames, shifts, and client requirements. The traditional method of handling temporary bookings is slow, inaccurate, and lacking in efficiency.

Availability management

Having control over the availability of candidates can be a nightmare logistically. You must understand who is available during what times and for how long.

Shift patterns

Many temporary positions have specific shift patterns, which can differ greatly. Managing these patterns and associating them with candidates can be difficult.

Client expectations

Clients often want to know the status of their temporary reservations in real time. Providing this information by hand is difficult.

The Voyager Infinity solution: the Shift Planner

The Shift Planner is a game-changing feature of Voyager Infinity that addresses these issues directly. It’s intended to simplify temporary recruitment, increase efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of error.

Live candidate accessibility

With the Shift Planner, you can immediately notice which candidates are available. This data regarding live availability is of great importance in quickly filling temporary positions. Whether it’s a last minute switch or a scheduled appointment, you can identify the appropriate candidates without having to repeatedly call or search for them.

Shift pattern data

Temporary positions often have specific shift patterns. The Shift Planner in Voyager Infinity allows you to input and manage these sequences with ease. This implies that you can match candidates to jobs based on their preferences regarding shifts and their availability, this will lead to a more efficient and accurate scheduling process.

The benefits of action

Imagine you are requested by a client to temporarily take on a healthcare assistant position at a local hospital during the night. Using Voyager Infinity’s Shift Planner, you can quickly assess the availability of candidates that meet the necessary requirements and are willing to work night hours. You can also assess their patterns of shifts to make sure they correspond with the client’s preferences.

To conclude…

The Shift Planner is not solely a feature; it’s also your secret ally in the world of temporary recruitment. It facilitates availability management, supports complex patterns of employment, and conveys all the information you need within the Voyager Infinity CRM platform.

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