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Why temp recruitment agencies should look at Infinity as a preferred temps solution

Running a top-billing recruitment firm calls for the need for good tech partners, particularly recruitment software. And there are a plethora of advantages to gain from utilising good recruitment software like our Voyager Infinity. For temp recruitment agencies, software can revolutionise the way businesses operate and maximise company potential.

Voyager Infinity is the smart CRM for permanent, temporary and contract recruitment. Check out what our Temp Planner can do in the video below!

Need for temps recruitment agency software

Temporary staffing agencies have as many challenges as permanent or contract-based recruitment firms do. A good recruitment CRM, like Infinity, is the smart solution for staffing companies of all sizes. Software systems that can render an efficient hiring process, quick placements, and increased productivity are imperative in modern recruiting.

Temporary recruitment agency software is a business-critical tool used daily by recruiters to maintain a large candidate database, promote better workflow and understand business needs. Utilising temporary agency recruitment software amplifies best recruiting practices while reducing bottlenecks.

How Infinity helps run the temps desk better

Voyager Infinity offers all the recruitment software CRM functionality that you would expect from a great recruiting software partner. From productivity growth to effortless high-volume recruiting, there are several benefits of using Infinity for everyday recruiting work.

But what makes it ideal for temp recruitment agencies are the range of powerful integrations, the compliance check mechanisms and our amazing customer service.

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Strong features and functionality

We offer Mid-Office pay and bill application that automates the back-office finance work. Importing placements, processing timesheets and raising invoices is now manageable. This decreases the hassle of lengthy pay and bill processes whilst preserving busy recruiters’ valuable time.

Infinity’s Temps Planner qualifies recruiters to manage bookings in a simpler and better way. Recruiters can easily identify matching temp records and assign the most available and compliant candidates to multiple shifts. It also helps confirm bookings easily via email or SMS. The rating system is especially useful in enabling recruiters to recommend clients the best candidates for the role.

Our temp recruitment agency software is also recognised for helping streamline the temp desk with our E-sign and i-Maps features. Through E-sign, it is easy as well as secure for users to approve and sign important documents. So long as clients and candidates are connected to the internet, they can quickly fill forms and easily send them off after signing the documents. The i-Maps feature, with its route planning and distance searching, is a brilliant way to measure shortlisted candidates’ locations and travel times. This is instrumental in allowing for improved temps placements.

Effortless compliance management

One of the biggest challenges of running a temp recruitment agency is keeping up with compliance when it comes to changing rules and regulations. It must be pointed out that it’s important to maintain a strong partnership with those that can guide agencies through the evolving legal landscapes. Temporary talent acquisition teams using Infinity will discover an accessible and straightforward approach to meeting all compliance requirements.

Infinity offers a simple but powerful way of ensuring compliance checks. The software will automatically check the compliance status to ensure that the Working Time Directive, GDPR, AWR, IR35 requirements are met. It conveniently highlights non-compliant candidates which expedite the hiring of the top talent. Thus, recruiters can tap into the compliance manager feature to automatically check and chase compliance status.

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Exceptional customer service

At Voyager, we take great pride in our long-standing reputation for providing excellent service to our customers. The objective has invariably been to respond quickly with expert knowledge and unparalleled customer support, 24/7. And our reviews on Trustpilot reflect that.

We believe we are a business partner, and function accordingly, rather than just as a software service provider to our clients. Therefore, we commit to cultivating a relationship built on transparent communication, integrity and trust.

We are a staunch advocate of placing customers at the forefront of our work. Consequently, we are continually working to present clients with better solutions for recurring problems that create barriers in attaining maximum business potential.

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Just a simple step away from easier temp recruitment

Temp recruitment is fast-moving and competitive. A software system that presents a comprehensive solution to complete tasks quickly and efficiently is fundamental to performing strongly in the staffing market.

Our temp recruitment software provides staffing agencies with all the right tools to place the best-qualified temporary staff faster than competitors. Thus, with Infinity, hiring the right candidates will now be easier than ever before.

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Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).

Why temp recruitment agencies should look at Infinity as a preferred temps solution