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6 ways to place better temps faster

Success in the temp recruitment space is all about combining speed with accuracy. Getting the right temps to clients quickly shuts out competition and keeps agencies in prime position to build client relationships and expand revenue.

How can you deliver quality at pace?

Here are 6 ways to place better temps faster.


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1) Know your candidate base inside out

With intense competition to find and engage applicants from commercial third-party sources like job boards and social networks, your private candidate database is your secret weapon. But, as with any data, it’s only as good as the way it’s used.

Software which lets you search, filter and score candidates accurately and quickly lets your team make full use of the data that no other competitor can access – where relationships often already exist, and engagement levels are higher.

The right database tools can help your agency uncover revenue opportunities sitting within your existing systems before you even leave your CRM.

2) Level-up your search game

When it is time to look outside your own books, what tools do you have that competitors don’t? Access to LinkedIn and the main job boards is an industry standard – leaving you fishing in the same pond as everyone else.

Advanced search tools let your agency get a head-start on competitors, by providing access to exclusive candidate communities, search multiple sources from a single console, and cross-reference CRM and social profile data within your main platform.

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3) Engage your applicants

Technology isn’t just about finding candidates – it’s about giving them a better experience working with your agency, keeping them engaged and coming back for more assignments.

Specialist tools can help your consultants communicate with temp workers better – automatically delivering and approving job offers via mobile devices, using instant messaging to keep in touch, and managing bookings in real-time.

4) Leverage smart tech

Automating manual recruitment processes frees up vital hours from your consultants and their managers by letting technology take over time-consuming manual processes across the recruitment cycle.

From adding and scoring candidates to automatically matching them with jobs and clients, or building and delivering automated reports, software can take clunky manual processes away from your team, delivering it faster and more accurately – while creating more time to make placements.

5) Embrace intelligent CV software

As crazy as it may seem in 2022, adding and formatting candidate CVs remains a productivity killer for many agencies.

Motivated, highly-paid consultants spend hours each weak manually updating CRM systems and creating documents and cover sheets.

Smart CV apps built into your CRM deliver the whole thing lightning fast – automatically parsing candidate job and contact details into the database and generating error-free CVs ready to whiz out to clients at the click of a button.

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6) Keep compliant

An effective temp agency isn’t just about connecting the right candidates to the right jobs. It’s also about staying compliant and making sure important legal requirements such as IR35 and GDPR are met.

Many areas of the temp market also have complex candidate regulations too, requiring certificates, qualifications and other checks to be in place to securely manage placements and renewals.

The right tech solution builds these guide-rails into your daily workflow, creating a user-friendly framework that helps consultants work quickly and compliantly without giving it a second thought.




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6 ways to place better temps faster