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Stop kicking Recruiters

In the intricate dance of the UK job market, both jobseekers and recruiters play crucial roles, often mirroring each other’s desperation and determination – so why do we give Recruiters such a hard time? Stop kicking Recruiters!

Recruiters are essentially jobseekers themselves, trying to find the very jobs the jobseekers themselves can’t, and yet so much online noise seems to kick Recruiters, rather than cheer them on.

So, can we maybe cut the no win no fee Recruiters that are trying to find people jobs some slack?

It seems we forget that their ostensibly different positions share striking similarities in their struggles, motivations, and the challenges they face.

Desperate jobseekers are a common sight online, on LinkedIn especially, and I feel for them.

My feed is littered with heartfelt LinkedIn requests from those unemployed.  I feel the helplessness and do have sympathy – the market is tight.

The jobseeker’s anxiety of mounting bills, the need for financial security, the desire for personal fulfilment and the yearning to make use of the qualifications bought is palpable, but so is the case for the no win no fee Recruiters that are fighting on the jobseekers very behalf.

They too are sifting through the job boards, pulling on relationships for leads and trying to get noticed online, and most are doing that all day, every day.

Their success is your success.  Have we forgotten that?

Most Recruiters will use all the tools at their fingertips to get noticed online, additionally investing proper business development tools to help them source leads, build and maintain relationships online, on the phone and in person.

Recruiters are also playing the long game, on your behalf, and for free.  Things will change, and the market will pick up, most probably after the election, and so don’t go kicking them too hard!

Job seekers should bear in mind that it might take literally years before a Recruiter is given the opportunity to work for a company, and probably only after the client has failed at recruiting themselves and that Recruitment is a much more complicated role than it once was – surely the jobseekers know at least this if nothing else?

Most people would utterly fail as a Recruiter – they wouldn’t have the resilience.

To be a Recruiter you need to be a copywriter, a salesperson, an administrator, a visionary in your niche sector, to be able to spot trends and to flex with the market, all whilst reviewing countless CVs, job-specs, adverts and conducting ever deeper research into clients and the candidate they’re trying to represent.

Can you imagine the paperwork involved in sourcing a supply teacher to work in a school, for just an afternoon?

Or to find the next CEO of a software company?

Or to find a labourer on a building site that’s reliable?

Can you now imagine if your job was not just to find ‘a job’, but the ‘best job’, and to do it da after day after day, on a no-win no fee basis?

Come on people.

Their livelihood depends on successfully matching job seekers with employers, so let’s not kick those trying to help.

We need to be supporting them.

If you’re unemployed now, or think you might want a different job in the future, can we try to remember everyone is on the same team?

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