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Excellent customer service and its importance while selecting a recruitment software partner

If there is something the post-pandemic recruitment industry needs to thrive, it is a combination of outstanding technology and great customer service. And so recruitment software providers must be ready to deliver excellence in both areas to continue retaining existing clients and winning new business.

The merits of a great recruitment software

Finding a good software vendor and buying the right recruitment software should be approached as one would a business partnership.

Buying recruitment software is more than just about purchasing a simple piece of technology. A CRM solution makes recruiting easier, streamlining the workflow, improving talent management, and largely helping ensure customer satisfaction. The right kind of software has the potential to help staffing firms and recruiters reach their goals. These are critical to a business’s operation and growth as they drive productivity, results and profit.

The cost factor plays a substantial role in decision-making as recruiters look around for a suitable CRM system. At the same time, the long-term implications of an expensive purchase and what it might mean for the business should the acquisition not be a good fit must also be considered.

This indicates the need for thorough market research. Also because, notwithstanding the central objective and fundamental software features that all recruiting systems share, every CRM solution is different.

Yet, these amazing features can be ineffective and futile if they are not maintained by a consistently reliable customer support system.

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Why does quality customer service matter?

Excellent service boosts positive customer experience and stimulates business growth. Vendors who regularly display a high standard of customer service and professionalism are in the upper echelons of recruitment software suppliers.

You need a software partner who is devoted to helping mitigate any technical problem that hinders your work.

Recruiters utilise CRM software every day. It is essentially the main recruiting tool used for small as well as critical tasks.

If there’s an issue with the software then it is imperative to promptly resolve it. The interruption disrupts the work of not just one user but everyone in the office. Therefore, you need a vendor who is committed to finding solutions for such setbacks straightaway.
Be mindful that poor customer service or regular negative experience can be indicative of a lack of commitment to providing clients with the best service. This can be in terms of recruiting technology or interest in helping solve recruiter problems.

Excellent customer service as standard

Quality customer service is a habitually overlooked component when agencies are selecting recruiting software. The emphasis is on the software’s features and functionalities which improves the hiring process and the customer experience.

Good customer support has always carried immense value. Now it needs to be placed alongside others as a tangible marker of what makes for great recruitment software.
Recruitment firms need to seriously consider excellent client support as the standard rather than an additional benefit. Find a CRM vendor that understands the importance and impact of great customer support. It should be one of the top things recruiting agencies ask about, instead of it being treated as an afterthought or even completely disregarded.

Ideally, a great recruitment software supplier will have a roster of impressive people in the team – honest salespeople, experienced trainers, a friendly support staff, and clever developers with their finger on the pulse of the industry’s future.

These construct a winning team. One that works cohesively with the sole purpose of delivering a good customer experience.

Partner up with a software vendor that offers refresher training courses occasionally. Find a customer support team that works to improve its average response time and always prioritises the customer service process. Work with a supplier who is vested in delivering outstanding support and exceeding customer expectations every time.

Excellence in customer service should be treated as a standard rather than an anomaly.

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Exploring good customer support services in the market

There is always great value in serving customers well.

Typically, potential customers are a priority in the sales funnel. After a sale is completed, customers could find themselves struggling with the type of care and support they receive.

Thus, recruitment firms must also extend their market research to cover the form of support that software vendors provide their customers.

A misstep when selecting the right CRM software provider can have substantial repercussions for their firm. Therefore, it is crucial to be prudent when choosing the software. This means staffing agencies must be meticulous in choosing their recruiting CRM, exercising equal care when vetting software features as well as the support structure.

Because what sets apart an average CRM platform from a great one is not only specific features and functionalities but, and perhaps most importantly, the kind of support that is provided behind the scenes.

Recruiters who undertake the responsibility of discovering a suitable software partner always rely on the company brand image to determine a good fit. But customer reviews are a highly practical way of identifying exceptional customer service.

Client testimonials show precisely what most customers are lauding their software provider for. It’s great to see happy users of the software. But bear in mind that suppliers tend to promote customer reviews which show them in a favourable light.

For a more balanced and objective assessment of the product and the service, public review sites, such as Trustpilot, are an excellent source. Companies do not control testimonials on these sites. So there are less chances to fabricate the online reviews.

Consequently, these provide ample material to alert prospective customers regarding the quality of the product and service they can anticipate. Negative testimonials and unhappy customers are also expedient to gauge how a vendor handles complaints and criticism. Use honest feedback to guide your decision-making.

It is time to find a service that is tailored to your business in every way. Making the right choice requires in-depth deliberation.

And while the success of recruitment software can be attributed to its clever features, customer service and support carry the same weight and value. Do not consider good customer service an additional functionality. An outstanding client support system demonstrates the importance software suppliers place on their customers.

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Recruitment software providers must be ready to deliver excellent service to continue retaining existing clients and winning new business