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Voyager Infinity Customer Announcement: ‘Voyager AI’ now delivered to all users!

We’re proud to have recently delivered Infinity Copilot, our new embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool.

“We’re making Recruitment smarter, faster but crucially, more human.”

In today’s world, everything is moving at lightning speed, especially in the Perm and Temp Recruitment space – but fear not!

Infinity Copilot has been released to all users after months of development and testing. What’s even better is that there’s plenty more being added in the coming months.

“Recruiters can use this right now, without training… it just works! But what makes me smile is knowing what’s coming next – the AI horizon at Voyager is truly eye-opening”, said Paul Thompson, Sales Director.

Here’s what we have already delivered to Infinity users with Infinity Copilot:

  • AI-driven lead sourcing – Search 500 million public online profiles using the (optional) TalentGraph feature and then add them to your Infinity database as candidates/clients/leads – virtually no data entry required!
  • Automatically create Humanised Candidate bios – marketing top talent to clients/prospects has never been easier.
  • Black-belt Research – Perfect for important permanent positions – Infinity Copilot will build Boolean search strings from simple written sentences – for instance, type “I am looking for Senior Project Managers in the Banking and Finance sector that are degree educated” – and Infinity Copilot will build the Boolean search string, pointing it to social media, online CV directories and stored CVs held in Voyager Infinity.
  • Deep dive – The Harvester / CVs re-searched – Job specs are converted into “deep dive” CV search strings. Uncover CVs and profiles that match both historical and new job specs. Infinity Copilot allows you to (re)search far more deeply, and potentially uncover placements previously overlooked.
  • AI-generated Outreach and Marketing – For instance, type “Draft me an email template to wish the candidate luck in their interview OR Suggest an SMS message to confirm a booking”.


Currently next on the task list:

  • Generate formatted CV’s – Create a formatted CV directly from the candidate record and optimised for the role…in whatever language your client wants.   
  • Role based Candidate comparison – Get tailor made summaries of candidates for a particular vacancy
  • Proposed interview questions – Based on the client’s job specs, company and sector – to better prepare applicants.


A slightly blurry AI horizon includes:

  • Proactive Research – Based on an inbound email, automatically source the person, their employer, contact details and public information on that person – such as their blogs, promotions and online content.
  • Prospect/Client Insights – Update company records with their current news, share price, hires, developments, client wins along with departments within those companies that have grown or shrunk.


Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).