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The recruitment industry continues to face increasing challenges and few would argue that the lack of candidates is right up there as one of the most pressing.

Although not specific to any one industry, IT seems to be suffering the brunt of this ongoing battle.  Technology is moving at such a pace that it’s difficult for recruiters to service the increasing demand because candidates often don’t have the experience employers want. Those that do are gravitating towards contracting for the highest bidder, knowing their skill set and experience are in high demand. This can be a tough market to compete in, it’s time-consuming, high risk and can stunt growth.

So what to do? 

Focusing on up and coming talent in the industry and identify additional areas that can boost a candidates potential is a real area for opportunity. Key to the success in this area is having suitable technology in place to ensure that the search, parsing and screening process is effective as possible.  Searching needs to be fast and targeted with the easy ability to convert the chosen search results to records on your database. Whilst adding them, we also need to ensure the coding and linking of external information such as social media profiles is automated.  Drawing on the effective coding and information available within these ‘other’ sources means you can quickly build a picture of that person, not just by skills and experience but also on their personality, interests, ambition and culture.

It’s with all of this criteria combined that you’ll stand the very best chance of identifying a match that will last, thus building the foundations for an ongoing relationship with both the client and the candidate.

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