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Are Beards Boosting the UK Recruitment Industry??

Firstly, I can’t grow a beard. God damn I’ve tried.

I reckon if I didn’t shave for a month I’d simply look like someone that’s got a bit dusty.

Some say it’s a good thing, but I’m not so sure. People with beards look better. Even some women look better with a beard.

I really want a beard.

When I look at people with a beard, they look much more… I don’t know…




They somehow seem to have a superpower?

OK, so you may totally disagree, but here at you can’t doubt that beards are increasing in number, and so too is the UK recruitment industry!

July has seen the highest number of agencies sign with Voyager and Infinity than in any other July before, and we’ve been going a long time!

It’s not just Voyager that’s doing well though. Big brands are announcing more and more jobs, unemployment is at an all time low and even the REC and TEAM have a rosie glow about the future.

I’m wondering if it’s the power of the beards that are somehow increasing the efficiencies and effectiveness of UK recruiters???

Maybe it’s just that the beardy superpowers of the Voyager team are rubbing off, and that’s the thing that’s making all the difference to the thousands of recruiters we help?

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