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Business insights with Voyager Business Intelligence

Staying ahead of the curve in the recruitment industry requires more than just intuition. It requires data-driven decision-making. That’s why we created Voyager Business Intelligence, a powerful reporting tool that delivers valuable insights to drive your recruiting business.

The best part? With Voyager Infinity SaaS, you can use it for free.

Why Voyager Business Intelligence matters

The days of making important business decisions based on gut feeling alone are over. With Voyager Business Intelligence, you gain access to a treasure trove of data that can transform the way you work.

Unprecedented clarity: Voyager BI delivers clarity that was previously difficult to achieve. It allows you to understand your company’s performance from all angles and helps you identify trends, areas for improvement, and growth opportunities.

Tailored insights: This reporting tool is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Voyager BI allows the capability of customized reports.

Strategic planning: The insights gained from Voyager BI are invaluable for strategic planning. Whether it’s quarterly assessments, advisor reviews or long-term strategies, this tool provides the data-driven foundation you need.

Ready to improve recruiting with data-driven decisions?

It’s time to book a Voyager Infinity demo and see for yourself how Voyager Business Intelligence can revolutionize your recruiting business!

Voyager Infinity is more than just software; it is a partner committed to your success. Join the ranks of recruitment agencies that trust Voyager to provide them with the tools and insights needed to succeed.

Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).