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Making the magic happen – with a little help from recruitment software!

If you are a recruiter, you KNOW the job is not simple. In fact, it is incredibly challenging, and you need some serious skills (and a little bit of magic) to flourish in this line of work. Additionally, you need recruitment software!

Let’s start with the daily grind in recruiting.

Recruiters are perpetually striving to juggle multiple tasks and arrive at the best result possible. The end goal is to place the perfect candidate in the advertised position.

This begs the question – who is the perfect candidate?

This is someone who is the best-qualified and suitable for the job in question. Not an individual who appears the most talented. The perfect candidate is the right balance of appropriate qualifications, essential skills and a positive attitude that fits the hiring company like a glove.

It could be someone who is actively seeking a new role. Or it can be a passive candidate – one who needs to be persuaded into trying for new opportunities.

But if anyone is paying attention, they can’t fail to see the trusty assistant labouring hard alongside the recruiter. There’s the recruitment software toiling hard and supporting recruiters every day.

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Why recruiters need recruitment software – their dependable assistant

Let me reiterate once again. Recruiting is people-focused. And a data-driven activity.

Recruitment software is a necessary recruiting tool whether you are a one-person agency or a big recruitment firm. It is indispensable because the right recruitment CRM software offers easy solutions to many conundrums.

There are various tasks comprised in the recruiting process. Anyone looking from the outside might assume recruiters are only ever in meetings. That is true to some extent – recruiters are in the business of finding and advertising talent. And that involves a multitude of meetings.

But underneath, there is the unglamorous work of ensuring the diary is up to date, everything is GDPR compliant, and that candidate data is safe and secure.

A big portion of this admin work is repetitive and tedious.

That’s one of the reasons why recruiters need recruitment software.

Every agency, big and small, requires a tool that helps their recruiters focus on their work. The fewer the tedious tasks, the lesser the distraction.

Find a CRM software that works fluidly for you. Every recruiting platform is different. Nevertheless, get one that closely complements your staffing agency’s needs and business vision.

Ideally, it will ensure you never forget about your meetings, keeps your communication updated, and your data safe and accessible.

It will reduce the time you spend on the admin tasks, effortlessly taking over those time-consuming jobs.

Compliance and data protection issues are critical to every kind of agency. With recruitment CRM, you can be confident that your data is protected and you are always meeting all compliance protocols. It alerts you if you need to review and ensure data compliance.

Every recruiter is accountable for good candidate management and candidate experience. But because recruiters have a demanding schedule to adhere to, these might not be prioritised. Utilising recruitment software’s robust communication system helps ensure that candidates are kept apprised and that every interaction is recorded for easy future access.

And ultimately, matching the right candidates with the job is the prominent responsibility in recruitment.

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It is not possible to achieve quick and perfect placements without your trusty assistant. The CRM system is there to facilitate the placements faster. Here at Voyager Infinity, we review and categorise candidates and jobs within seconds.

Recruitment software is the tool recruiters and agencies deploy to expedite their tasks and amplify their results.

While the best recruiters do not need their recruiting tool to execute every aspect of their job, they realise that it is their hardest-working assistant on the path to efficiency and faster placements.

Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).

Making the magic happen – with a little help from recruitment software!