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Saving recruiters time with Voyager Infinity’s integration with WhatsApp

Ever since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has become one of the top messaging apps connecting people with friends and family, with 30 million users in the United Kingdom alone. During the pandemic, it has gradually become routine for recruiters to utilise WhatsApp for daily professional interactions – this is where Voyager Infinity’s recent integration with WhatsApp comes to play.

Saving time with WhatsApp’s integration to Voyager Infinity

By providing recruiters with the ability to instigate WhatsApp chats, we aim to support their endeavour to provide a more efficient form of communication. Our customers are already loving the new addition. It is convenient and helps save time.

“I have to say that I’m loving the new WhatsApp feature in Voyager Infinity. It’s going to save me at least half an hour a week! That’s three whole working days a year of manual keystrokes.”
– Jean-Marc Agache, JM & Co. Recruitment

“The WhatsApp feature in Voyager Infinity is one of our favourites. We use WhatsApp frequently to communicate with our candidates and get copies of documents. It saves us huge amounts of time as the contact is created in WhatsApp and the message logged to their record.”
– Sean Wright, Operations Manager, C&A Recruitment

Using WhatsApp with Voyager Infinity

Voyager Infinity’s integration with WhatsApp makes use of the app’s ‘click to chat’ feature that facilitates easy communication even between people who might not have each other’s phone numbers saved in their contact list.

Recruiters communicate with hundreds of candidates every month and will find this feature particularly useful. It is not feasible to save every contact number in the phone address book. But the communication must be kept consistent, clear and organised.

This ‘click to chat’ feature is particularly convenient for recruiters because they are not required to store every single candidate’s number on their phone, yet they can still benefit given how prolific the use of WhatsApp is.

If you have access to the candidate’s phone number and they have an active WhatsApp account, you can easily reach your candidate in the messaging app. You will need to have WhatsApp web or desktop installed.

Once you log into the Infinity CRM platform, you will be able to generate an outgoing chat by clicking on the mobile number hyperlinks. A message will pop up if the candidate has not been marked as ‘OK to SMS’.

But if you proceed, the link takes you directly to WhatsApp where you can draft and send a message to the candidate.

Once the ‘Click to chat’ is initiated, a new communication type of ‘WhatsApp’ appears in Infinity’s outgoing event logger. When ready, users can manually log the event and the green WhatsApp logo will appear in the event type column.

WhatsApp and Voyager Infinity: a quick and efficient way to interact with candidates

Phone calls are not always feasible. And while emails are great for sending long messages or attachments, it does not get better than using WhatsApp’s free instant messaging service if you are looking for a quick response.  

“I like the WhatsApp feature in Voyager Infinity. It’s a good way to interact with candidates that are hard to get hold of and can’t take a call. We generally don’t use it for first contact but it’s great for following up and getting back-and-forth conversations to book interviews or push them to check their emails!”
– Alex White, General Manager,
Corinium Language Associates

“WhatsApp messaging is fast and gets messages to the recipient instead of just nestling in an inbox, provoking fast reactions. Being able to connect with your candidates faster and send WhatsApp messages direct from Voyager Infinity makes this a great way to distinguish yourself in the recruiting world.”
– Elkie Holland, CEO, Prospectus IT Recruitment

We strive to provide the best solutions to your recruiting challenges. Utilise the Voyager Infinity and WhatsApp integration to connect better with candidates. You don’t want your best talent to slip through your fingers!

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