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Investing in smart technology solutions: Road to better recruiting

So far, the UK job market has exhibited a noteworthy comeback this year. Recruitment agencies must seize this moment to invest in smart recruitment software solutions to capitalise on growth opportunities.

With restrictions being lifted and the ensuing employer confidence in the economy increasing, we can anticipate a growth in the number of job vacancies – both permanent and temporary.

The latest REC survey states that employer confidence is at the highest level since July 2016. Employers’ confidence in making hiring and investment decisions remains positive.

Consequently, there will be increasing perm and temps job growth. More businesses will be looking to hire temp workers to aid in the re-opening. Temp recruiters must remain prepared – with good candidates and strong temporary recruitment agency software.

Scaling up – business confidence, better tech solutions

Data from CV-Library reveals that overall vacancies in the first quarter of 2021 stood at 450,650. The data also shows a regular upturn in job adverts over the past 18 months.

December 2020 saw a dip in the number of job postings. But despite the third national lockdown in January 2021, both the permanent and temporary job sectors saw an increase in adverts.

Overall, the temps market has endured much fewer bumps along the way. CV-Library notes that the lowest number of temps jobs advertised was 10,000 in May 2020. In June this year, the number expanded to 29,363. Conversely, the corresponding numbers in the perm market are 41,425 in April 2020 and 140,665 for June 2021.

The easing lockdown restrictions and the positive market confidence paves the way for recruiters to lay the groundwork straightaway if they want to emerge stronger and readier for the coming months.

But whilst the economy prepares to come back to full functionality, recruiters must be ready to grapple with skills shortage and an overall complication of finding qualified candidates. This alone points to the need for staffing agencies to fortify themselves against this impending challenge by preparing the correct tech reinforcements.

Generally, recruitment agencies make money by placing staff for hiring companies. This no-win, no-fee business model induces agencies to be diligent about the tools they use to support their work.

It is time to scale up the business.

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Recruitment CRM software as the staple of recruiting

Recruitment software does extensive heavy lifting work for staffing agencies and their recruiters. It is incumbent to find the ideal recruitment CRM to enhance the modern hiring process.

Different agencies have different needs. One type of recruitment software does not fit all. The CRM and database needs of a permanent recruitment agency differs from that of an agency placing temps workers on short-term jobs. Select permanent and temporary recruitment agency software solutions prudently.

Overall, deploying the right recruiting technology enables recruiters to source candidates better, expediates applicant screening, restructures communication and, generally, boosts efficiency.

The lack of qualified candidates is an acute recruitment challenge. Perm recruiters need intelligent recruitment CRM to quickly source the best candidates as applicants with the required skillsets are not always actively available in the market.

The software helps recruiters maintain an organised talent pool that can be utilised to locate suitable candidates for the more strategic roles.

Last year, Voyager Infinity entered into a partnership with CV-Library. We intended to help recruiters work smarter through this collaboration.

CV-Library is a leading job board with a database of over 15 million candidates. Voyager customers will find that CV-Library integrates smoothly with the CRM.

This integration has culminated in users of both platforms benefitting hugely. It enables recruiters to source and access millions of CVs without leaving the Voyager platform. Thus, the recruitment process is effectively shortened. Recruiters can tap into this massive CV database, access numerous candidates and filter top talents suitable for the role.

We also offer Voyager customers free access to our skills testing software. ISV.Online has a large library of tests. These skills assessment tests are a cost-effective and easy way to evaluate candidates’ abilities.

Quick placements are important for successful recruitment work. Rising demand for additional staff, notably in the temps space, will lead to businesses turning to temp agencies to outsource the hiring of suitable workers.

Investing in temp recruitment software to build your business

What marks temp recruitment as different from perm placements is how speed and accuracy are requisite to success in the temps space.

Fierce competition encumbers recruitment. That rivalry is heightened in temporary recruitment. The faster recruiter with a better eye is able to quickly identify suitable candidates, place them and garner more revenue.

Our Voyager temps recruitment software system is adept at supporting front-office CRM systems as well as providing robust pay and bill functionality.

Leveraging smart technology optimises the hiring process. Whilst placing candidates is at the core of recruitment, an ideal hiring process consists of many vital steps. Each stage involves different tasks of varying difficulty levels. Temps recruiters need an automated recruitment software system to help them move through each task swiftly and efficiently.

Smart temporary recruitment agency software solution is vital for any growing temps desk. Automation helps divest recruiters of laborious, tedious work. Furthermore, it brings efficiency to the axis of every task.

It looks like this when automation is involved in every stage of the work –

  • Easy work process

CV parsing, online timesheets, shift planners, and monitoring attendance are automated requiring minimal recruiter and client effort.

  • Effective communication

A single connected system that automatically stores and organises all the communication between recruiter, candidate and client.

  • Comprehensive compliance

In-built tech compliance to ensure all legal requirements for GDPR, IR35, AWR, and Working Time Directive are met to help recruiters work compliantly.

  • Better reports

Generates detailed reports that recruiters can send to clients as well as use to understand and analyse the impact of their work.

  • Convenient software integration

Smart temps recruitment software supports automatic integration with other useful tools such as social media, skills testing software, MS TEAMS, and other video calling software.

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Seize the moment

It’s time to assume control of your business’ growth. Smart, quality, and timely investments are key if you want to capitalise on perm and temps job growth.

Don’t hesitate to take charge! Initiate quality ventures that will usher in positive long-term and incremental impact.

Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office are software solutions that make Recruiters’ lives easier. Voyager Infinity is a CRM used by thousands of recruiters globally to source, nurture and maintain the relationships with their clients and candidates, and Mid-Office manages the entire Pay and Bill process (IR35 ready).

Investing in smart tech solutions: Road to better recruiting