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The Value of Attending #RecExpo

The Recruitment Agency Expo returns to London next month, running from the 4th and 5th of February at the Olympia in West Kensington. As the UK’s biggest recruitment event, the two-day programme brings together over 3,000 senior members of the staffing industry for a packed agenda of networking, presentations and practical seminars. There’s also an exhibitor hall with over 100 vendors and suppliers to the recruitment sector, and tickets are free for attendees.

With time at a premium for agency owners and managers, justifying days out of the office is always tough – but the Recruitment Agency Expo offers some of the best value for business leaders in the recruitment calendar.

Not convinced?

Here’s how staffing professionals benefit from the time invested in attending.

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Anticipate Trends

Things move fast in the world of recruitment – new competitors spring up overnight, innovative technologies change the way agencies run, and outside forces shape the market.

What’s ‘always worked’ up until now may be about to change, and every business should be aware of the shifting climate in which it operates.

Whether it’s IR35 or the impact of Brexit, the Expo’s session programme always provides business managers with a detailed discussion of the biggest and most significant trends currently affecting or poised to impact the sector, presented by experts from a variety of angles.

Hot topics at this year’s event include automation and efficiency in running agency technology systems, new approaches to digital marketing and branding and the latest strategies for attracting and retaining today’s talent to a recruitment business. 

There’s also content around building shareholder value for agency owners, exploring the state of the M&A market and recruitment valuation trends.


Benchmark Your Tech Stack

The expo is the biggest gathering of technology vendors in the industry, featuring market leaders and up-and-coming innovators looking to disrupt the status quo.

Everyone knows great tech can bring huge benefits to a business – from driving top-line growth to delivering game-changing efficiency – but few people have the time to vet and explore every tool on the market.

A supplier hall solves the issue, allowing business owners to see, question and demo potential value-add software solutions that could enhance their agency performance.

No other event offers the same breadth and depth of suppliers in the same place at the same time, and it’s a golden opportunity for recruitment agencies to see what’s new in the world of compliance, client and candidate engagement, process automation and systems integration.

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Meet Strategic Partners

It’s not only software companies promoting their wares – the event is well attended by a range of specialist support and consultancy firms as well, each of whom specialise in a different area of recruitment agency growth, development and advisory.

This includes legal experts to navigate unfamiliar territory or provide expert guidance on common regulatory obstacles, IT consultants who build and optimise technology workflows, financial advisors and lenders dedicated to the staffing sector, along with marketing and branding gurus who help agencies stay sharp and relevant in a crowded industry.


Broaden Your Horizons

Most recruitment agencies run at a hundred miles per hour. The day never seems to start early enough, and there aren’t enough hours before the next one starts…

This leaves many business owners in a perpetual sprint, focused on playing the situation immediately in front of them and lacking the time to step back, assess their development and consider the big-picture strategic opportunities they may be missing.

The immersive experience of Recruitment Agency Expo helps senior recruitment professionals take this important time out to re-think their strategies, framing their current trajectory through a wider commercial lens.

Presentations and workshops at the expo cover topics such as international expansion, market diversification, client development strategy and pricing structures.

A featured seminar this year looks at moving up the value chain, and how agencies can position themselves for increased retained and exclusive work.

There are also sessions on client and candidate communication channels, busting myths around new recruitment ‘AI’ tech such as chatbots and auto-engagement platforms.

Put together, the agenda helps business leaders to sense check their current plans – and has the potential to trigger fresh ideas that can unlock new chapters of growth.

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Expand Your Network

In addition to a wealth of suppliers and advisors, there are also abundant networking opportunities at the expo to meet with other recruitment businesses and industry professionals. Whether it’s discussing cross-sell and collaboration potential, strategic partnerships or simply comparing notes and sharing war stories, it’s a rare opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, senior managers and experienced industry pros.

The event draws attendees from across the recruitment world, from fast-growth multinational agencies to SMEs, and represents specialisms from high street staffing to high-end executive search.

This blend of participants creates a diverse networking environment where ambitious agency leaders can pick the brains of those in other spaces, learn from businesses at different stages of their growth journeys, and come away with valuable new contacts and perspectives.


This year, Voyager will be attending the Recruitment Agency Expo under the Ikiru People banner for the first time – along with our other brands: FileFinder, leading cloud executive search software used by thousands of executive recruiters globally; ISV.Online, market leader in online skills testing and training; and GatedTalent, the private network allowing senior executives to share their information and achievements with executive recruiters.

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