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Voyager Infinity’s Top of the Apps – The top apps integrating with Voyager Infinity recruitment software

Recruitment is not always a smooth ride as most recruiters can testify. To ensure Voyager Infinity delivers the best and easiest ways for recruiters to hire skilled candidates, we have partnered with some of the most popular apps available. Welcome to Voyager Infinity’s Top of the Apps!

Accelerating quality recruiting with software integration

Recruiters have some of the most challenging jobs.

Suboptimal tech tools are no longer acceptable. As progressively more sections of business operations move to digital systems, it becomes increasingly clear that working with the best in modern-day technology is key to success and growth.

Software integration makes data collection, sharing and access convenient. Voyager Infinity recruitment software integrates smoothly with many third-party apps to support our clients’ journeys and to make their work easier, quicker – effortlessly.

Whether you need to email candidates or clients, send newsletters, test your applicants’ skills, or post vacancies to multiple job boards – all from Voyager Infinity, we’ve got you covered.

Our Hertfordshire based client, MRK Associates, have been enjoying the many app integrations with Voyager Infinity. The agency which provides specialist knowledge in two core markets of Finance and Revenue Management, says:

“Voyager Infinity has integrated our phone calls, emails, events, newsletter, mailshots, calendar, job posting, website, reporting and KPI metrics into one easy-to-use solution.”

Our clients have experienced improved performance. Recruiters will benefit from a substantial increase in productivity. There is a developed ability to provide better customer service and an overall upgrade once the different systems that recruiters utilise connects seamlessly.

Recruitment software integration enables recruiters to stay agile in a competitive industry.

What is in Voyager Infinity’s Top of the Apps?

All the third-party apps that we work with are leading industry innovators.

Take MS Office 365. With its suite of business applications that are used across the world, it offers a comprehensive set of tools suitable for all types of organisations. Voyager Infinity – a Microsoft Gold Partner – fits seamlessly with the Office 365 package.

Amber Employment Services, a Surrey-based agency that has been in the recruiting business for more than a decade, has this to say about the Infinity/Office 365 integration:

“The Office 365 integration with Voyager Infinity is very tight. Now it means all emails, tasks, to-do lists and appointments are automatically logged and tracked.”

Recruiters will also find it more convenient to post job adverts via the Voyager CRM dashboard. Our recruitment software integrates easily with LogicMelon and Broadbean making it easy to post vacancies to multiple job boards with a single click. Our users will also be able to implement a central GDPR policy for all inbound applicants.

Grist Legal, a recruitment firm committed to providing the best in legal talent, has been a long-standing Voyager client. The new integrations have been very welcome. Derek Pepperell, the firm’s Managing Director says:

“Voyager Infinity integrates seamlessly with our job-posting partner LogicMelon. It’s a huge time saver – that means we’re ahead of the pack when it comes to the competition.

Vacancies added to Infinity are posted in real-time to the very best job boards on the market including our own website, and applicants and responses are imported, filtered and reviewed in seconds. Infinity even ranks the applications based on our values and pins them on a map.”

Recruiters and talent acquisition teams spend an enormous amount of time sourcing the right candidates. Talentis, a next-generation AI-powered recruiting tool, is a powerhouse when it comes to passive candidate sourcing. It eliminates data entry by 90%. That is a colossal amount of precious time saved. Now Talentis works flawlessly with Voyager Infinity and our clients can use it to expedite their talent sourcing process.

When it comes to candidate skills assessment and filtering applications, ISV.Online is the leading choice for UK recruitment agencies. Recruiters are often struggling with a flood of applications or a dire skills shortage. Whatever the case, ISV’s online skills testing software helps recruiters assess their applicants and find the top tier candidates faster.

White Knight Recruitment is an independent recruitment business servicing Public Sector clients across South England. The specialist agency was already a user of both Infinity and ISV applications when the integration occurred. The agency’s Managing Director Mark Stevens says:

“The integration has saved us lots of time now that we don’t need to enter the same information twice. I especially like that the testing results feed seamlessly into Voyager Infinity allowing me to instantly see if the candidate is suitable for a particular job. Sending out tests couldn’t be easier! A link is emailed directly to the candidate from within Infinity.

When the test has been completed I get alerted in ‘My Infinity’ which prompts me to review the results. Skills testing is one of the things that set us apart from our competitors. These skills tests allow us to screen the candidates before we submit them to our clients. This means our clients are only interviewing candidates of a certain calibre, therefore, saving them time.”

Agencies should also fully leverage the right recruiting tools not just to make their lives better but also those of their candidates’ and their clients’.

With Voyager Infinity’s Legalesign integration, agencies have observed a massive reduction in their printing as well as admin work. It is easy to generate templates from the Infinity CRM system and send them through to candidates and clients easily. Instead of waiting for days, or even weeks, to get the signed documents back, recruiters can get everything e-signed in seconds.

Timesheet Portal is another efficiency-boosting, critical recruiting tech tool. It is fully integrated to Voyager Infinity and Voyager Mid-Office as well as Sage and Xero. The Voyager/Timesheet Portal integration streamlines timesheets and increase efficiency. It enables recruiters to shift everything online and enabling easy record-keeping and quick invoice uploads.

Keep a close eye on your organisation’s performance by observing analytics in real-time. With the interactive dashboards, Voyager Infinity brings your KPIs to life when you are using Microsoft’s Power BI platform.

Gloucestershire-based recruitment consultancy firm GB Solutions has this to say about our integration with Power BI:

“Voyager Infinity’s Business Intelligence dashboards allow us to make sense of the data we have.”

Communication plays a pivotal role in every organisation. Hence, our recruitment software’s integration with email marketing provider MailChimp and telephony suppliers RingCentral and CloudCall are extremely worthwhile.

MailChimp and Voyager Infinity integration helps recruiters create targeted marketing campaigns. It offers sleek, modern templates suitable for every type of business. You can manage your marketing lists from within the Voyager platform and create automated campaigns which you can send directly through MailChimp.

As a recruiter, you will make hundreds of calls each week. Integrated telephony services enable users to make calls directly from our Infinity recruitment software system. Just click on a record to connect with the desired individual. No more logging in data manually to record the hundreds of calls as it does so automatically.

Why choose Voyager Infinity and its partner apps

Voyager Infinity works with the best in business. Many recruitment agencies already employ many of these top software applications. So, our recruitment CRM solution that also incorporates these apps will fit seamlessly into the business operation. And this rejects the notion of a new and novel CRM solution throwing off the post-implementation balance of the business.

Enjoyed Voyager Infinity’s Top of the Apps? Why not make your life easier by choosing Infinity as your recruitment software?

Make an active decision to boost your efficiency and productivity. You can easily opt to eliminate the need for repetitive work that consumes loads of time and energy.

Reduce the administrative load. Engage in more time-saving activities. The Voyager platform presents the easiest and most convenient way to operate your business by bringing all these stellar apps to the CRM.

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Voyager Infinity's Top of the Apps